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Chapter 2, part 2: A New Player Is Introduced and New Forces Show Their Faces

* l`Aquila   Nicolo places the crossbow by the door as he opens it for Azurarosa. "Ah, Signora Quinzio. . . Buono Sera" 
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio smiles for Nicolo and nods a greeting to him.  "good day, how fares you Nicolo?"  she asks as she makes her way into the Lodge. She's bathed and ladied up, wearing a gown of rich maroon with a cream coloured chemise underneath that peeks out where her sleeves are fastened shut with silver coloured fine cords. There is a silver cross at her throat rests gently on her chest, and a fan folded in one hand of clean white lace. Her blue eyes are merry, and her smile is warm and welcoming.
* l`Aquila   Nicolo closed the door behind Quinzio, Fiorenzi sat by the fire reading a rutter. He stood as Azurarosa entered the room.
"Signora, radiant as ever. Finally let you out of the Arsenal to join us for the evening, no?" 
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio chuckles. "Finally yes, something about not being part of the fixtures or some nonsense so they shooed me out." she gives Fiorenzi a polite and happy curtsey reflexively when she replies.
<l`Aquila> There is the sound of shouting upstairs from the council chambers. The interior of the Lodge is like a jeweled box, darkly wooden with fine carpets on the floor from the Arab lands. . . portraits on the walls of the new style, oils and chiaroscuro. . . the fresco on the wall had a scene of water, lit by lantern that never seemed to go out. Gold and silver artifacts littered shelves, near  mountains of books and rutters. . . a gathering place for the local explorators 
* Rosalva_Solario will come into the lodge she wears all black and a fine mourning veil she will put down the hood of her cloak as she enters.
* l`Aquila   Fiorenzi looks up as he says "It sounds as if Signor Loredan is in his meeting with Motressor. . . They've been up there for hours. . . " 
* l`Aquila   Nicolo lets Rosalva into the door saying "Signora Solario, so pleased to see you. Shall I let the chef know that you will be joining us for supper this evening?" 
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio bites her lip and nooooods largely before glancing to the door to Rosalva. She smiles and nods a greeting to the other woman.
<Rosalva_Solario> Did I come at a Poor Hour?
* l`Aquila   Nicolo shakes his head as he says "As opposed to another hour? At least it is not a night when Captain Marzani has returned. Thank the Lord he is still in Spain. . . " 
* l`Aquila   "At least while Captain di Coarle is in the city." 
<Rosalva_Solario> Oh?
* Rosalva_Solario will take off her cloak and curtsey to the room and pass the coat off to whomever takes it for her.
* l`Aquila   The fat man in red storms down the stairs, followed by another man. Where the first man has jeweled fingers and a broad chest, the second had a square jaw, a dull and narrowed eye, French features and dark hair, he has the build of a warrior, and the plodding step of a Templar. 
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio was about to return Rosalva's curtsey when the storm comes down the stairs; looking to the man storming down as she makes sure she isn't blocking any path he might take.
* Rosalva_Solario will move to get out of the way of the man storming out she stands to the side and curtsies politely.
* l`Aquila   The Knight wore a chestplate, and his robes bore the symbol of the cross. " It is Blasphemy, Loredan to dare so high and to move so far without proper respect. The spear MUST be secured. His eminence is firm on that position." 
* Rosalva_Solario frowns a bit from behind her veil and merely move herself off to the side.
* l`Aquila   Signore Loredan turns and shouts at the Knight "Cavaliere Montressor, Pace et silenzio. The spear will be secured, as soon as the ship is ready to be sent. By the end of the WEEK" 
* Rosalva_Solario will hold her hands together staying out of the argument.
* l`Aquila   The knight stared coldly at Loredan saying " Not soon enough. In a week dell'Oro will be in Crete, and then Jerusalem three days beyond. Then it's only a matter of time. The ship must leave tonight! 
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio is quiet as a mouse, staying way the hell out of this one as she stands to the side and finds something to fiddle with; her hands needing something to keep them busy. >.>
* l`Aquila   Signore Loredan, exhales and turns to Azurarosa di Quinzio. "Technico Quinzio, you have worked on the ship. How soon until it is ready?" 
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio has a sparkle of excitement flash in her blue eyes as she looks to Signore Loredan, barely containing her excitement while she answers. "She can be safely birthed in 5 days time, Signore." 4 she grins with glee and excitement ........ yah you can see why she was shooed out of the Arsenal, she was probably hastling her crew to take extra care with the ship while trying to get them to speed up at the same time. She hadn't gotten out much, she was pouring her entire soul into this ship.
* l`Aquila   The knight shakes his head saying "Not soon enough. . . it must be tonight. Unless your magic vessel can make the trip from Venice to Jerusalem in three days! 
<Rosalva_Solario> It could.
* Rosalva_Solario says very quietly.
* l`Aquila   Signior Loredan looks to Quinzio saying "Thank you, Signiora Technico. . . I am certain the ship will be suitable. However it will cut heavily into the profits of the voyage to send it on such an errand." 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen knocked upon the Lodge door..
 * Azurarosa_di`Quinzio looks to the knight strangely. "of course she can, I have the utmost faith in her signore. But we must still take due care, lest we risk losing everything. Good things come in due time, I assure you." She smiles warmly to him.
* l`Aquila   Montressor glares at Loredan saying "This is more important than money. It is an act of faith, and an act of polity. Should the heretics find the Spear, then it would harm the church, and if the church suffers in such a way then it loses its influence, and thus Europe is splintered. The Spear would Catalyze the Protestants " Nicolo opens the door. 
* l`Aquila   Nicolo nods to Ulrich saying "Ah, welcome Herr von Reisen, Sir Montressor has come calling." 
* Rosalva_Solario will play with her hands somewhat happy to have been over looked.
* Rosalva_Solario will try to move farther into the lodge to get away from the door.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen nodded curtly to those assembled...he was girded tonight for he moved the tell tail clink of Chain mail came from his tunic...from his hip hung a Swiss landsknecht hand musket. The other had a Broadsword...oddly enough the sword had a compound hilt. tucked beneath it in a odd sort of multi stepped sheath was a Italian slashing sword...and tucked on the side of the gun..a warhammer
* l`Aquila   Signior Loredan shakes his head as he says "I understand the concerns of his eminence, however this is a far distant possibility. You overstate the abilities of dell'Oro." He looks at Rosalva saying "So, Signora Solario, you are a rational woman. Is it worth postponing our maiden voyage to the stars to help Sir Montressor and the Cardinal Galistin to find a holy relic?" 
* Rosalva_Solario will stop and turn around to look between them
<Rosalva_Solario> Is it being purposed that we take a different ship there?
* l`Aquila   Signior Loredan smiles as he says "On the contrary. It is the same ship. Our Skyrigger will go to Jerusalem. . . rather than to the moon." 
<Rosalva_Solario> I could check to see if the voyage could be made in three days.
<Rosalva_Solario> I am not the ships Captain Signore Loredan.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen eyed the assembled people....bowed briefly to the ladies...he jingled when he turn he bowed to Loredan...and then to the Templar....
* l`Aquila   Signior Loredan throws up his hands in exasperation. "Then perhaps after Jerusalem you can stop in China to find the lost tomb of the Emperor Qin! Or perhaps bombard Doissetep! This is for a particular journey, no matter what the Cardinal says!" 
* l`Aquila   Montressor raised a hand in greeting to Ulrich 
* Rosalva_Solario will curtsey to Herr Von Riessen.
* l`Aquila walks up from the back stairway. . . he must have taken a gondola in the way that Rosalva did the night before. "We go to Jerusalem, Signior Loredan."
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio curtsies to the captain when he makes his presence known.
* Rosalva_Solario will relax glad that Antonio is there if her face was unveiled the expression of relief would be unmistakable.
* l`Aquila holds up his hands saying "I agree with Montressor. The abilities of Magister dell'Oro to be where we do not wish him to be cannot be underestimated. If he is going to Jerusalem he will find the spear, and if he finds the spear of Longinus, who knows what he might do with it. Besides, we need a test run for the Skyrigger," He bows to Solario, and then to Azura "Azurarosa, a pleasure to see you again. I have seen what you have done with my ship. . . and I am most impressed." 
<l`Aquila> Truly one of the finest vessels I have ever seen.
* Rosalva_Solario will stay where she is Now that she has been addressed she can't sneak away.
* l`Aquila looks at Rosalva "Can we make the trip in three days?"
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio smiles with shy modesty, a little twinkle of knowing in her eye while she watches the captain. "She is beautiful Captain, she'll do you proud."
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio looks to Rosalva to see what her thoughts are.
<Rosalva_Solario> I would need to check to make sure I think so but I do not with to disappoint Monstressor by being mistaken.
* l`Aquila   Montressor seems to relax a bit hearing this from the Captain. . . they seem to have similar minds on the topic of the spear. . . though upon hearing the question of the three days, he bristles once again. 
* l`Aquila   Montressor nods as he says "It is not me who is disappointed, m'lady Solario. . . but Cardinal Galistin. . . " 
* l`Aquila   Montressor continues, staring forward "And God himself. . . " 
* l`Aquila   To see his tools cast into the hands of heretics 
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen eyed the wasn't aggressive.. that iron face German was difficult to read..but he looked towards the man regardless
<Rosalva_Solario> I dearly wish not to disappoint them either.
* Rosalva_Solario will touch the cross around her neck gently.
* l`Aquila   Montressor crosses himself as Rosalva goes to the cross around her neck. "I trust that I will not be disappointed, and I have faith the Cardinal will not be disappointed either. I will have message sent regarding your voyage. . . Jerusalem will be expecting you.  
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "Sir Montressor..may I speak with you a moment...privately?" the heavily armed German said in his most friendly tone...somewhere above a throaty growl...but far below charming
* Rosalva_Solario will nod hold her hands and keep her head down she will not say anything.
* l`Aquila   Montressor glares at Herr von Riesen. "Make it quick, Herr von Riesen. . . " 
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "I always do unless paid otherwise... 6 moved down into another room to speak
* l`Aquila   Montressor moves with von Reisen. . . 
* l`Aquila looks at the Teuton, then at the angry Loredan. "So, supper then?"
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen closed a door
<Rosalva_Solario> I would dearly love to be able to sit down.
* l`Aquila   Loredan nods and claps his hands saying "Yes, sitting. Supper then in the council room. Nicolo, arrange for a table to be made up for all in the lodge. . . we take supper upstairs." 
* l`Aquila   Loredan bows saying "Forgiveness Signiora. . . we go . . ." 
* l`Aquila smirks as he glances at the closed door
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio smiles a little to Loredan, and looks to the Captain.
<Rosalva_Solario> Should we sit first Signore Loredan?
<Rosalva_Solario> Maybe a drink would help settle everyone's nerves.
* l`Aquila   Loredan nods saying "As you wish, to the sitting room for Madera. . ." 
* Rosalva_Solario will wait for everyone to travel to the sitting room. still relaxing.
* l`Aquila   Loredan walks towards one of the sitting room. A comfortable study with windows onto the Canal with many chairs. . . Signiore Loredan brings a carafe of Madera and Brandy pouring a drink for Solario. . . 
* Rosalva_Solario will take the drink and nod to him in thanks and seat herself elegantly.
<Rosalva_Solario> thank you Signore Loredan.
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio moves to the sitting room with the others, to settle herself into a chair as she'd been bustling around all day ... all week.... more than all week?
<Rosalva_Solario> I do not believe we have met yet I am Lady Rosalva Solario.
* l`Aquila walks into the sitting room a minute later. . .
* l`Aquila furrows his eyebrows as he sits himself down. Loredan pours the drinks for the ladies. . . and then l'Aquila pours a glass for himself.
* Rosalva_Solario looks to the other women and will raise her veil carefully.
* l`Aquila settles into his chair. Loredan has a drink silently, before asking l'Aquila "And what of the moor tonight? Has Moro made all the preparations?"
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio smiles to Rosalva warmly "Azurarosa di'Quinzio; unless shipboard or working, in which case please call me Quinzio. Its a pleasure."
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen moved out of the room...and eyed the area....and then made his way to the sitting room...and poured a brandy
* Azurarosa_di`Quinzio is called off to the side by one of their lodge mates who works under her on the ship (no jokes about the pun please boys), and politely excuses herself to tend to business
*Rosalva_Solario will settle back and sit her drink.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen sips his brandy...and adjusts the menagerie of weapons he carries on his body
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Brandy is good..." drank
* Rosalva_Solario will look into her glass in a thoughtful manner.

End of Chapter 3.