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 Chapter Two: In Which The Fine Art of Venetian Market Haggling Is Explored, Lunch is Purchased, and A Mystery is Pursued.

|Dave|   The spell of insanity lifted as the first rays of the sun touched the canal drenched shores of the 171 islands of Venice. Five men had died in the night through drunken revelry, vendetta and good spirits. Fires had burnt down one home. . . however the canals were still full of the barges, bringing vegetables to the Market on San Paolo Siestre. . .  The revelers had gone away at the sign of first light, as if awakening from a dream, the full weight of what had gone the night before struck those with hearts to care, but men with hearts are few and far between in the city of canals. . . and most hardened their spirits to enjoy a late snack, before passing out in an exhaustion free from nightmare. 
* |Dave|   The market stalls of San Polo were placed up early, many had taken them down over the night in preparation for the celebration. Vegetables, foods, silks, odds and ends. . . as they had been since 1097. Still, the markets were much more opulent now than they had been in those less enlightened days before Venice was the center of trade in the world. . . 
* l`Aquila walks among the market stalls, boots stepping against the concrete and stone of the marketplace. . . the shouts are starting early, with calls of services and deals. . . the early buzz as the Seneschals of the Noble Houses purchase food for the day. . .
* Rosalva_Solario is picking up the things that will be required for her to have a new wardrobe. This might cost her a little more money then is practical however she refuses to dress completely like a boy.
* l`Aquila   The woman at the stall raises an eyebrow to Rosalva, speaking to her saying "You wish to have WHAT madame?" She seems surprised. 
* Verederosa glides through the marketplace, a basket over her arm as she moves from stall to stall - buying for no one but herself this morning. She pauses in front of a stall of silks and fine cloth, looking at them thoughtfully and reaching out to touch a bolt of brilliant blue cloth. Perhaps she should buy some to allow her to occupy her spare time on ship with sewing...
<l`Aquila> It is a lovely color for your eyes, Rosa. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> a Bodice out of that fabric and three shirts in these styles..." *She will look around when she hears that.*
* l`Aquila smiles to Verederosa as he moves behind her. . . he's not dressed all in finery today, but he looks much more familiar. Linen shirt, cloak, boots, leather breeches. . . the sword and knife rests comfortably at his side. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will give the women a piece of paper.
* l`Aquila   The woman nods to Rosalva and takes the piece of paper, then nods saying "Of course, at once. . . you look to be . . . yes, I see the size." She takes the fabrics and then says "They will be ready in two days, Signora." 
<Rosalva_Solario> I expect them to be.
* l`Aquila   The woman gives a price. . . far too high, negotiation for prices have begun 
<Rosalva_Solario> that and I have to wait two days I will pay half.
* l`Aquila   The woman pleads for the sake of her children, and lowers the price from her place slightly. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will increase where she wants slightly.
* l`Aquila   Signora, I have a family that I must feed, and I have no husband, for he died, killed on the blade of a Dalmatian Pirate. 
* Verederosa smiles sidelong at l'Aquila, saying, "Thank you, though you are far too flattering." She folds it over her hand, checking the weight and drape, and says, "And it seems appropriate to the voyage at hand, as well - the color one of clear skies." She nods at Rosalva as she looks over, offering her a pleasant smile.
* l`Aquila   Signora, I will not be sleeping for those two days to make your clothes, and my children must fend for themselves on the streets. . . 
* l`Aquila   She lowers her price slightly further. . . almost halfway between where you two were. 
* Rosalva_Solario won't smile it seems somewhat inappropriate.
* Rosalva_Solario will bring it to half way and tell the women she should work where her children are in eyesight.
* l`Aquila smiles to Rosa, then looking at Rosalva. . . he waits for Rosalva to finish negotiation. . . He says to Rosa "Ah, it is most appropriate. I saw the ship yesterday. . . it is magnificent, Rosa. . . well built, solidly constructed. . . I can honestly say it is the best I have ever set foot upon.
* l`Aquila   The woman has pleading eyes saying "You know how children are, Signora" she offers a reasonable price. 
* l`Aquila   The price you knew it would end up at. . . 
* Rosalva_Solario will pay the women. this is the last part of her work everything should be ready about the same time.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen again among the far smaller Venetians the man was dresses in a High Collared Black tunics with pants to match. His dark hair flecked with grey...long cloak also of Black moved behind him. The deep set blue eyed German...with that extremely distinctive scar..that ran down the right side of his face neck...and disappeared beneath the high collar..some sort of Claw..or Animal Attack. Dagger and Sword belted at his hips...he made his way through the Market..the grim fellow parting people like moses and the red he made for the Apothecary
* Rosalva_Solario will turn to her companions and smile.
* Rosalva_Solario is still dressed in black clothes and wears a veil of mourning. she appears almost like a young widow.
<Rosalva_Solario> Is there anything else you believe I require Antonio?
<Rosalva_Solario> I am already packing my Charts Maps and books along with my other equipment.
* l`Aquila winks to Signora Solario standing next to Verederosa. "Signora Rosalva Solario, may I introduce the Medico Verederosa de Gorizia. . . a fine woman who has sailed with me many times to China and Africa. . . and even to the west."
<l`Aquila> Fantastic, Ulrich and the Bosun has found crew, and I've found some marines who are willing to travel with us for reasonable price and share of profits. As officers, you will be receiving five shares of the profits.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen speaking of Ulrich..he left the Apothecary with a satchel of Items..odds and ends...and moved through the Market again....
<Rosalva_Solario> a Pleasure Verederosa. I look forward to the voyages.
* Verederosa lowers into a graceful curtsey, head lowering as she says, "A pleasure to meet you, Signora Solario." She's fair-skinned for an Italian, hair the color of dark honey peeking from beneath the hat that shields her some from the Mediterranean sun.
* Rosalva_Solario will return the curtsey in an elegant manner and smile her features are hard to make out completely from behind her veil.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen moves through the Marketplace..useing his great height to his advantage...he see's Antonio....and attempts to catch the mans eye
* l`Aquila glances and sees Ulrich, he nods waving his hand. "Ah, here's Herr von Riesen. . . "
<Rosalva_Solario> good afternoon Herr Von Riesen.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen moved through the throng of Market goers...long strides closing the distance quickly...a grim fellow....he bowed to the assembled Ladies...a mechanical and exacting sort of Bow...perfectly proper
* Verederosa straightens and smiles, then turns back to the woman tending the stall - negotiating for the bolt of blue, and another bolt of fine white linen.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> All is Well?
* Rosalva_Solario will curtsey to Ulrich.
<l`Aquila> Molto bene, supplies are arranged for. . . and the ship. . .
* l`Aquila smirks faintly, staring into the distance. "The ship is the finest I have ever seen. . . "
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen nodded curtly..and eyed Verederosa... "Doctor..." nodded twords Antonio "I'm sure she's a fine ship...
* Verederosa inclines her head with a friendly smile at Ulrich when she hears his voice - but returns to her negotiations, listening once more to the tale of the woman's husband - dead at the hands of brigands this time - and her poor starving, neglected children.
* l`Aquila whispers to Rosalva saying "That woman is the wonder of all Venice, it is said her husband has died more times and in more ways, than the army of Viscotti.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> "Doctor...may I?" the grim faced man eyed the Haggling widowed Merchant....
* l`Aquila   The woman looks at Ulrich and starts to cry. 
* Rosalva_Solario will cover her mouth and smile to Antonio stifling a giggle she will then comment back softly.
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> she should pick sturdier husbands. this is why I never married.
* l`Aquila gestures to the booth again "Ah, her husband is like our Savior. . . look even now."
* l`Aquila   A man walks out from behind the booth seeing his wife cry, seeing Ulrich he asks "What is going on here? Why is my wife crying?" 
* Verederosa raises an eyebrow at Ulrich, shrugging eloquently and saying, "Did you wish to get something as well?" then looking at the waterworks from the 'widow'
* Rosalva_Solario will be unable to help it and laugh she then clamps a hand over her mouth.
* Verederosa 's lips twitch at the sight of the man and she offers him a pleasant curtsey, then promptly knocks another 20% off her offer
<Rosalva_Solario> She Mourns your Death Signore.
* l`Aquila   The man stares at his wife, who smiles wanly. "Darling. . . it is a miracle. . . " she accepts Verederosa's price. 
<Rosalva_Solario> You have been lost and returned where you lost a sea Signore? Oh. How wonderful that you have been brought home.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> And are giving such Magfnicent Bargains.... " then returned to his stoic stance
* l`Aquila laughs behind a hand, forcing his face into a smirk. It is uproarious, but it is not kind to insult a woman or her husband returned from the dead.
* l`Aquila   The man nods to Ulrich and Rosalva and Verederosa nodding saying "Yes, we offer you a deal, though you steal from the mouths of my children and my lying wife. . . " He looks at her and arrangements are made quickly for a good deal. 
* l`Aquila smiles as he says "Have you had breakfast yet?" to no one in particular.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> No...and I'll have that" points to a heavy grey wool.... "a Cloak..."
* Verederosa nods and pays, accepting the bolts of cloth, draping them over the arm with the basket, then blinking mildly at her companions. "Breakfast sounds wonderful. Is there a good vendor about? Alas, I have not spent much time in Venice - a pity, such a lovely city."
<Rosalva_Solario> I must say I haven't eaten much I would like to join you as well.
* l`Aquila   The man makes a reasonable deal to Ulrich for the cloak. . . 
* l`Aquila nods as he says "There is a moor who serves food from his homeland in a stall nearby this. . . and I do believe that there is a place that serves real food this early in the morning, near the church."
* Rosalva_Solario will giggle a little.
<l`Aquila> Though that is light fare, good for a morning. . . although if you are feeling brave, we could visit the Giatto. . .
<l`Aquila> Though the Jews do not like foreigners in their island. They may become violent, however they serve a reasonable spiced meat which is good for a supper.
* Verederosa nods and adjusts the bundle of cloth like a baby at her hip, saying, "Ahh, but I am always brave with you leading the way, Capitano"
<Rosalva_Solario> I feel very brave after last night.
* Verederosa is still a little distracted, watching the married pair - the glances they give each other making her have difficulty suppressing laughter. "Shall we?" she says, lips pressed as straight as she can keep them.
* l`Aquila grins as he says "Let's not awaken the Jews this morning. . . we'll wait for supper, though you should have waited to purchase your silks, you can get a fine deal from the Jews with Silk. . . perhaps the Moor, get a taste for distant foods. . .
* l`Aquila   The man walks into the stall, grabbing the woman. There's sounds of shouting and argument 
* l`Aquila   The moor stood in a colorful robe, standing stoically in the darkened room off the side of the market piazza. . . Another young man gathered the clay plates from one of the corner tables as l'Aquila made to sit at a larger table. . . 
* Rosalva_Solario will speak to her companions softly.
<Rosalva_Solario> Husbands do not to be as fragile as I was previously lead to believe maybe I will get married after all.
<l`Aquila> Ah, I regret to say that the strong or weak health of the husband is limited to those with wives to make it so. Though I know better than to marry, I would be an unfaithful husband to any wife left ashore.
* Verederosa barely suppresses her giggles till they've turned the corner from the seamstress/merchant, and she settles her cloth in her lap and basket beneath her chair as she sits at the table with the others.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen gathered his cloak and followed along....taking a seat..keeping quiet
* Verederosa smirks at l'Aquila, saying, "Then a wise woman would not let you out of her sight."
* l`Aquila   The moor sets clay pots on the table. Something with chickpeas and spices that smells exotic and of incense. Rice served with it, and a stewed fish in a fine creamy sauce. It smells wonderful, but unfamiliar. 
* l`Aquila grins to Verederosa saying "Ah, but I chase another woman who I strive at all times to see, though she is unfaithful to me, I remain loyal steadfastly to her."
<l`Aquila> Though she has killed many men, and even my father, I love her still for I know no other.
* Rosalva_Solario will giggle and push her veil back delicately she is an Italian beauty with a gentle face. I have the picture if it is required.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen serves himself some food....and begins eating...sipping on a beverage
* Verederosa sniffs at the food - but she's eaten more dubious foods, and does not believe that the moor would remain in business long if he poisoned his customers, even interlopers like themselves. She smiles at l'Aquila while she dishes herself some food from the pots.
* l`Aquila takes a sip of the black atrocious liquid in a cup. He exhales and smiles saying "We'll need provision on the ship for Coffee. . . "
<Verederosa> "The horizon is a wicked mistress, is she not? Always out of reach, but ever so alluring - and remaining beautiful in her distance."
<l`Aquila> We are in luck, though, our journey though hard, will be in luxury. I have never seen better appointed interiors on a ship, nor stronger walls. . .
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> Women are like least my dear wife is..." eats...
* Rosalva_Solario trusts Antonio not to take her to a place where the food will kill her foolish or not she will each in a delicate lady like manner.
<Rosalva_Solario> You are Married Herr Von Riesen?
* l`Aquila nods to Ulrich and then to Verederosa, she understands him well. "Ah, but you see, perhaps tomorrow I find her and reach her." He smiles widely.
* Verederosa grins back, saying, "Well, she does lure you onwards with arms opened wide..."
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> I am...have been for 20 years..her name is Klara...she is in my home in Danzg" eats...
* Rosalva_Solario nods to this and doesn't press.
<Rosalva_Solario> I am in love with your lady's Husband Antonio.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen and he doesn't offer anymore...simply eats...
* l`Aquila doesn't ask more of Ulrich saying instead. "His wife is a strong and fine woman. . .or so I assume after years of knowing him."
* Rosalva_Solario chuckles.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> She runs my home competently..." eats
* Rosalva_Solario will look up at the Sky and plays with her fingers.
* l`Aquila nods to Rosalva saying "Ah, you understand though, my obsession with that woman. . . perhaps her husband will be more understanding. . . though I did not know that it was a man. Still, the sea is tempestuous and ever a mystery. . . the sky stable, stoic. . . cold. . .
* l`Aquila smiles widely saying "Still, we reach the horizon maybe tomorrow. . . maybe today. . ."
<Rosalva_Solario> they move and dance together and no one moves your Lady as he does. It seemed a fair assumption.
* l`Aquila   The moor brings another dish, some sort of thin bread, with the consistency of a crepe. Antonio tears off a bit with his hand, and uses it to pick up some of the chickpeas and rice from the pot, putting it on his plate. 
* Rosalva_Solario will watch Antonio and try to follow his lead.
* l`Aquila   An Arab walks into the Moorish bar, staring at the Moor in the Robe. The Moor nods once, and opens the curtain behind the bar, letting the Arab in. . . the Arab dressed in cloak and hat, his curved scimitar hung by his side. . . his clothing white and stained with dust. . . 
* Verederosa smiles and says, "The sky stable and stoic? I would not say so. Changeable and more fickle than the sea itself, though far more willing to give up those it claims." Her voice growing a bit thoughtful, considering the expedition.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen does the same...with the bread "You keep your eyes glued to the horizon...the sea...I'll keep our collective feet on the ground.." eats..
<l`Aquila> Ah, Ulrich, ever the pragmatist. Still, we need not our feet on the ground. . . but sea legs in the stars...
<l`Aquila> But how do you mean, Rosa? How is it changing?
* l`Aquila   There's the sound of shouting outside "No, tie the rope tighter!" There's a crashing sound, followed by loud splashes "No, Voi stupido piccolo bastardo. Your mother must have slept with the pigs to get a boy like you!" It's just part of the normal sounds of the city. 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen eyed the Arab...and the the vanished and picked at his teeth...and continued his dining...a military mans eating style..maximum efficiency...because time and food are usually in short supply
* l`Aquila   The moor closes a shutter to the noise, letting the light from the doorway and the candles behind the bar illuminate the room. He walks behind the curtain into the back room. . . there is a sound of conversation in Arabic. . . 
 * Ulrich-Von`Riesen eats...and listens
* Verederosa giggles at Ulrich, and says, "indeed, seems that if that is the aim then the cause is already lost..." She blinks at l'Aquila, saying, "The sea does not have storms alone, nay, it is lashed to it by wicked tongue of the wind, and they fight without mercy, those caught between ground as if between two millstones. The sea is deep and gives up her dead but reluctantly - but is not the sky perhaps as deep? One cannot see the end of either, after all..."
<Rosalva_Solario> they have arguments believe this supports my thoery.
<Rosalva_Solario> they always make up again in the end.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen eats..
* l`Aquila   The Arab strides out from behind the curtain, looking out the door for a moment. 
* l`Aquila   The moor remains behind the curtain. 
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> This is good... 6 and continues
* l`Aquila smiles at Rosalva saying "Ah, a very good bit of logic. . . Signora Solario. . . I knew that you'd be PERFECT on an enterprise such as this. When Signor Loredan suggested it, I knew that we were blessed with success." l'Aquila relaxes and takes a sip of coffee, settling in.
* l`Aquila nods to Ulrich saying "Si, it is very good. Very light, I enjoy the flavors immensely."
* Rosalva_Solario will smile and continue to eat.
* l`Aquila   The Arab strides out of the building, while the Moor steps out from behind the curtain, placing a new oil lamp on a shelf, where he can see it. He does not light the lamp, but stares at it thoughtfully, before looking at the crew. 
* l`Aquila   The moor asks in accented Italian. "Is it good?" 
* Verederosa eats neatly but with gusto - the little northern Italian seems quite able to pack it away, but her eyes remain alert. Her gaze had flickered briefly towards the curtain when the Arab left, but she doesn't seem to pay close attention to it until the moor returns, and she smiles.
<Verederosa> "Most excellent, my good host."
<Rosalva_Solario> yes thank you.
* l`Aquila   The moor bows and says "I am most pleased that you find the food to your liking. It is a rare Venetian who does." 
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> Reminds me of this cafe in Constantinople....the owner spent nearly half a hour trying to convince me that he had the mummified remains of Saint peter in his store room...and for only a silver mark I could touch them" nodded to the moor... "I was just saying to my friends how good it is. Tell me sir...your you have a tailor in the city who makes them in such a style?
* l`Aquila nods his head once, glancing at the lamp, then smiling at the moor.
* l`Aquila lets the others talk, just glancing around.
* l`Aquila   The Moor shakes his head saying "No such tailor, though the cloth can be purchased just outside in the market. An Arab trader brings the cloths from Africa. Where I was once brought from myself as a slave. Though I have sense gained freedom." 
* Rosalva_Solario will listen mentally taking count of everything she will need to take.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen nods slightly
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> Disgusting personal opinion" eats
* l`Aquila   The Moor nods as he says "I am not fond of it personally." 
* Verederosa blinks in interest at this, her eyes slipping to l'Aquila, then to Ulrich and the moor again, and she nods thoughtfully. "Then I should offer you congratulations goodman, for the climb from being in such unfortunate circumstances to freedom and being the owner of your own shop is not an easy one and speaks of much hard work, I would think."
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> You seem to do a good business...." nods
* l`Aquila   The Moor stands stoically. . . "I thank you. I must close the shop soon, though. To prepare it for tonight. . . " 
* Verederosa blinks, then nods "Then we thank you for the meal, it is excellent."
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> Ofcourse...." nods slightly..
* Rosalva_Solario smiles and will place the veil back down once more.
* l`Aquila stands as he drops a few coins on the counter, paying for the meal. The moor slips the money into his sleeve and bowing.
* Rosalva_Solario will stand.
<Rosalva_Solario> I should head home I should make sure the more delicate equipment will travel alright.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> Give word...I will have men sent to haul and carry for you" nods slightly
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Indeed" He nods and says "I'll meet you for dinner, perhaps."
<l`Aquila> Where we met last night?
<Rosalva_Solario> at the lodge?
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> The Inn I am at has a good Germanic cook..I'd be welcome to to have you all.." he offers....
* Verederosa gathers up her basket and cloth, getting to her feet and smiling at them as well. "I should take this back, and get it stowed for the journey." She smiles at Ulrich, nodding, "perhaps later."
* l`Aquila shakes his head at Ulrich once. His message is clear.
* l`Aquila glances at Rosalva sharply.
* l`Aquila   The moors ears perk up as he cocks his head at word of "The Lodge" 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen while the eagle eyed the woman....the grim faced man eyed the Moor...his message couldn't be more clear...
 * l`Aquila   The moor stares at Ulrich. . . considering in silence. 
* Rosalva_Solario will cover her mouth she didn't realize that she was saying anything wrong or that they weren't walking away as she was speaking.
* l`Aquila nods as he starts to stride out of the restaurant. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will follow and look down at the ground as she does.
* Verederosa slips out of the restaurant with the rest, breaking off to head scout through the marketplace for a couple more things.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen moved out..and kept his eyes on the Moor...and then moved out with Antoniio once they were down the street a bit "I can drive home my point if you like l`Aquila"
* l`Aquila glances over his shoulder as he whispers to Ulrich. . . "We might want to, or we might wish to keep this place under guard. That lamp was an artifact of some sort. . . "
* l`Aquila glances at the store. "He mentioned a buyer. . . "
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> I will handle it...." nodded....and he broke off into the crowd...
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> what is going on?
* l`Aquila holds up a hand to Ulrich. "Hold fast. we'll wait for tonight. . . see the buyer."
* l`Aquila whispers to Rosalva. "Superstitionist. . . mentioned a buyer. Did you see the lamp? It was an artifact of some sort."
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen stopped...and moved...with them "Indeed..I will Gather a few stout fellows.."
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> I wasn't very focused on it. I am sorry.
<Rosalva_Solario> I should get that packing done do you wish to accompany me?
* l`Aquila nods to Ulrich saying "Yes, get Pietro Moro too. We'll get them tonight."
* l`Aquila looks at Ulrich saying "Go to the lodge quickly, get Pietro, I'll wait here until you return."
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen and the man was moving through the crowd....interestingly enough...he blended this time......the Giant is capable of quite a bit of stealth
* l`Aquila looks to Rosalva saying "Would you care to wait with me, or do you need to finish packing?"
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> I can wait with you if I am not in your way.
* l`Aquila shakes his head as he says "I do not think so. . . blend with the crowd, watch the front door. . . "
* Rosalva_Solario will nod and do as she was told best she can though she is not use to doing this type of thing.
* l`Aquila   The shutters on the building close. . . 
* l`Aquila   There's a sound of conversation, the dull buzz of negotiation, the cloth seller woman crying again. A man and his son trying to gather barrels from the canal. . . A Greek playing a stringed instrument. . . a cacophony in the market. . . but that doesn't matter 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen notes that he and Pietro return...and eyed the closed shutters....and as is his duty gave a opinion.. "He made us....we should take him...and wait for his buyer inside..." he whispered to l`Aquila...
* l`Aquila shakes his head. "Unless he's not meeting the buyer at the store. . . "
<Rosalva_Solario> I will meet you back here...
<Rosalva_Solario> There is something I must do..
* l`Aquila glances at Rosalva and nods.
* Rosalva_Solario will make her way heading home steadily.
* l`Aquila watches the stall. Pietro Moro nods to Ulrich, then the stall then l'Aquila. "Is there a back door?" Moro asks
* Rosalva_Solario will come to her home unlock her door and head to the Library which is a circular room the walls made of book shelves. She will place a paper on the table in the center and start to take down star charts.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen frowns and nods slightly "I'll check..." and he moves into the crowd again
* l`Aquila   There's a back door to the canal. . . 
* Rosalva_Solario will start measuring things looking at certain constellations looking over a map of the city making notes and taking calculations.
* l`Aquila   Opening onto a small walkway, down straight into the water. . . no gondola waits outside, though. 
* l`Aquila   Just steps into water. . . the door is closed at the moment from your vantage point. 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen frowns...and eyes around looking for people.....a dockhand...a Gondalier...somebody
* l`Aquila   No one in this small area. It's not a main canal. Just an offshoot of the Grand Canal off San Polo island. Usually for back deliveries, a few quiet apartments, a few shops. . . you see the moor exiting the back of the building, locking the door behind him. . . 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen keeps cover...and watches.....
* l`Aquila   The man reaches under his robes and holds something over his head. He slips the lamp under his robe, then takes his staff and holds it over his head, hitting the ground, and smearing something green on his face. . . the man then starts to walk down the stairs into the canal. . . 
* l`Aquila   One step at a time, he immerses himself into the water. . . no bubbles rise once his head is immersed. . . and he soon disappears under the murky depths. 
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen frowns...and watches....
* Rosalva_Solario will check over her work then take the piece of paper and put it under her cloak and heads out once more.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen moves back towards Antonio and Pietro....describing what he saw in a slight whisper.." I believe he has an access to the your people have Maps of them?
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Submerged you said after rubbing something green on his face. . . we have maps to the catacombs but I don't know of any entrances near here. Pietro?" Pietro thinks for a moment, then shakes his head. . . "He'd have to walk half a mile under the water. . . there's a submerged entrance with a grating, but he'd have to be a very strong swimmer."
* l`Aquila nods as he says "And once he's there, he'd disappear quickly. . . We don't know where he is."
* l`Aquila   Rosalva returns just then 
* Rosalva_Solario will walk over to them looking slightly out of breath.
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> Gentleman they will meet at the Island of the Dead. at Midnight. Until then they will remain hidden from the bodies in the heavens.
* Rosalva_Solario seems very sure of this.
* l`Aquila looks at Rosalva for a moment. . . He then nods saying "Then we'll ambush them there. . . "
<Rosalva_Solario> I will stay home.. I would be in the way.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen looks at Rosa...and blinks....explaining the man went into the water..and so on "Finder of things....excellent...I will prepare"
<l`Aquila> The Isola di San Michele. . . a good place for a clandestine meeting. . . and midnight no less. . . how like a superstitionist. . . to do black dealings in the black of night.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen eyes Rosalva.. "You should be near at hand however....if they bolt your talent for finding things would be useful
<Rosalva_Solario> it is a complex Science Herr Von Riesen I require my tools... and my charts..
* l`Aquila nods to Ulrich as he says "She's a woman of impeccable talent." He looks at Pietro Moro. "It'll be a good place for an ambush. The crypts above ground leave many shadows and good places for the prepared.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen nods slightly to her.. "I bow to your expertise on the Matter....will ready a few Sciences of my own for them
* Rosalva_Solario will hold her hands together and smile a little.
* l`Aquila smiles widely as he says "Meet me tonight at the lodge. . . we'll go from there."
* l`Aquila stares at the restaurant with intense eyes. . .
<l`Aquila> Tonight. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> I will take my leave now gentlemen. I hope to see you later send for me if you are in need.
* Rosalva_Solario will turn to leave once more.
<Ulrich-Von`Riesen> And no one wishes for a fine venison Bratwurst...and kraut...with frothy beer before hand?" nobody wanted his German Innkeepers cooking
* l`Aquila waves his hand saying "Not tonight, Ulrich. I wish to keep my mind keen and my feet and stomach light.
* Ulrich-Von`Riesen snorts.. "It is a proven fact beer when drank responsibly aides any warrior.." and then moves off to make his own preparation
* l`Aquila stares at the store thoughtfully, then looks over his shoulder. . . Only a blind beggar stared in his direction. He raised an eyebrow, then walked along. . .

End of Chapter 2, Part 1