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What's Going On With Mage, Werewolf, and the State of the Universe:

Mage has been needing a change for some time. With recent developments it's become a bit more necessary - and therapeutic - to make the change quick and drastic.

In Mage, Cleveland's getting blown up. Well, not all of it, but a good chunk of it. The nephandi storyline's coming to a head and we want to wrap it, and the Cleveland part of the game, up with a bang. When we "resume" after the downtime break, we'll be playing in Boston, 5 months or so later. Those who want their characters to move to Boston are welcome. Those who don't, can either say the character gets blown up or lives happily ever after elsewhere.

In Werewolf, it's business as usual. They don't do much with Cleveland save to go in and hunt things down, for the most part. Yes, there's been some overlap with Mage, but peripherally. Any such interactions have happened in *dun-dun-duuuun* the last 5 months.

How will the two games interact in the future? I mean, it's nice to keep them able to interact but losing or moving a caern is a monstrous hit to Renown. So what next?

Simply put: Business as usual in the Caern. We'll slowly just start pretending that it was ALWAYS by Boston, and ask people just to ignore the discrepancies ooc and ic. People who can imagine themselves to be shapeshifting half-wolf/half-human hybrids who can become 9ft tall furry engines of doom have the imagination to get around that barrier.

It's worth noting that NOBODY is going to lose anything. Werewolf won't "notice" anything happening at all (or at least we ask you not to notice - please ignore the man behind the curtain :D). All city allies and friends and family will just make the transition to Boston. Mage players get a 'disaster' to play with (and play off) for a little bit, then resume in a new city after enough time has passed ic to have rebuilt everything they would've lost in the destruction old setting. All the plot, none of the grief and lost xp of rebuilding stuff in character (unless you wanna do it that way which is also cool.) We're trying to accomodate everyone - please try to accomodate us. Werewolf gets to keep their connections, the Mage players get a plot, and the Mage ST's get a new setting to play around with, which will spawn more plots for the future. Everybody wins.

What can you as players do to make this transition smooth as possible? Accept those changes we let you know about (and yes, we'll keep you informed), play along - and sit back and enjoy the show. (Or join in the fun, if you have Mage characters!)