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Enduring Twilight: Old World of Darkness

Mage 101

Lesson One: Character Details

Name, Player, Chronicle, Nature, Demeanor, Essence, Sect, Concept
"All that stuff at the top of the sheet"


"Name" is the character name. You'll want a normal name - something suiting the culture your character comes from. Some groups also require or encourage 'craft' names, or aliases of some sort or another. We can get into that later, in the Traditions and paradigm section.

"Player" is you, of course - may seem silly, but it sure helps the Storytellers keep people's sheets straight.

is the name of the particular game you're playing in - in this case, "Enduring Twilight". While the Mage game is Crossroad Blues it is still part of the overall Enduring Twilight chronicle.

"Nature" and "Demeanor"  

"Concept" is the basic idea of the character, summed up in as few words as possible - preferably under five words, one word is ideal. Is your character a cop? A dancer? An office worker? A shop owner? The proverbial "starving artist"? Those are all valid examples of concepts. Some lifestyle choices can be added to concept as well - "skinhead" or "goth" or even "junkie" - anything that you can think of that sums up the character idea briefly.