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In Loving Memory of


April 13th 1998- July 8th 2007

dx bronchial carcinoma Jan. '07

So sadly missed by Jean, Pixie and the Longlease Gang

Rescue Barney came to us aged four back in May 2002, he was not a typical Rescue. Cassie his previous owner has stayed friends and visited here often, she saw him just a few weeks before he died and he greeted her enthusiastically down at the gate.

This pic was taken a few weeks after he came to live here with us at Longlease, in the shady spot under the bushes he adopted as his own with some of his favourite toys.

He never really played with them too much after this as he quickly made friends with my then two other Berners, Simmy and Sunny, he and Sim became the "Terrible Twins" and were always out and about the grounds doing doggy things!

Barney has had a wonderful life here with us but over the last couple of years it has been tough. He has been here for me when I lost Simmy to Malignant Histiocytosis and last year Sunny to hepatic disease. Losing his two pals was so hard but he stayed strong for me and my current Berner Pixie.

Barney was diagnosed with a bronchial sarcinoma in January 2007 and fought a very good fight!

He did so very well and had a great quality of life right up until the end.

The end came fast, I had gone to bed very late, was in fact around 4.30am Sunday morning and all was well, he had eaten normally and come for his usual 1 ml. walks on the Saturday. A few hours later Miss Pixie woke me and was urging me to come outside, Barney was in his favourite den under one of the bushes down the garden and was in distress. I had to crawl in with him to give him his meds and a while later was able to coax him out but it wasn't good. He was coughing up some blood.

We went straight to the vet but knew there was just nothing more we could do for this Brave Berner

Barney's story
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His final sleep was peacefully in my arms!

RIP Barney, we miss you so much!

Barney, Summer 2006

Willem's painting of Barney at the Rainbow Bridge

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