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Endlesslove Angels

In Loving Memory of


Died September 3rd 2008
aged 13 yrs 9 mths

Dx-ed T-Cell 3/4 Lymphoma April 21st '08
Initiated Modified-Wisconsin chemotherapy April 29th '08

Michelle's beloved Chocolate Lab Girl

Azaleas, Daisy, and Spring 2007
I have very old, very beautiful azaleas in my yard - Daisy looked amazing in front of them!

"While I had a dog growing up, Daisy was my first dog solely my own. She has been with me my entire adult life as I got her my senior year in college...she came over to chew on my shoe as I stood in the whelping box and I was instantly smitten. She was such a smart girl, but stubborn, particularly her first few years. Yet I learned so much working with her, patience above all and compassion, and together we worked through Advanced Obedience training and she earned a Companion Dog Certificate. And after puppyhood, this headstrong Labrador became the most gentle and peaceful of souls. Her intelligence and calm demeanor garnered praise from all who met her - she was that dog you saw at the coffee shop laying at the owner's feet, thumping her tail and people-watching but never being a disruption. Every person that met her, she adored, and they too were smitten with her. She was the sweetest soul with children, knowing in that way some dogs do that they are special and required the gentlest nuzzle and tiniest of kisses. She was my constant companion, through moving to South Carolina for a Master's Degree, a teaching job, and then to Columbia SC for my Ph.D. Through Daisy I learned to appreciate the outdoors, taking her as often as I could to the beach, various state parks, lakes, nature walks, and just walking around town. In her later years her arthritis restricted what she could do, so she was content to lay outside in the front yard and watch people and other dogs go by, or to take short jaunts around the neighborhood. So much of my existence, my daily routine, my lifestyle was centered around her or always conscious of her presence. Through everything, she was the most accepting, loyal, loving, sweet, and laid-back dog I have ever known.

It has always been "Michelle and Daisy" - and it is going to take a long time for me to figure out how to live my life without this beautiful soul."

Favourite Places!

Tired but happy -
after a long day

Good morning -
Sleepy but happy!

Daisy's couch
Couch + quilt = her favorite spot!

Fun with boxes!
The best toys are always free!

Daisy's chair
She hardly fits but she doesn't care!

Daisy & fish
The coolest spot in the house...

Daisy on the path, walking on the Palmetto trail

Happy 12th Birthday!

{short description of image}
Mmm-mmm good!
Daisy got an Everlasting Treat Ball for her 12th birthday!

{short description of image}
Messy but happy
Making a mess with her birthday treat ball!

That's some yummies!

Me and My Daisy!

Begging for some cookies
Works every time - she wanted a bite of cookies that I was eating!

{short description of image}
Giving kisses
Getting some good licks while trying to take a picture!
{short description of image}
Daisy closeup aged 12 years
Trying to get my attention!

{short description of image}
Me and Daisy Christmas 2006
Pics I took for Christmas cards in 2006

Daisy's arthritis!

{short description of image}
Getting acupuncture for her arthritis aged 11 yrs

May 31st '08, Daisy-mobile!

{short description of image}
Me, Neighbor-Sarah, Daisy in wagon
Daisy soaking up the attention and luvin' from my neighbors who all adore her

Even after the neighbor's golden came out (her buddy),
she still stayed in the wagon!

Our first foray around the neighborhood
in the new Daisy-mobile!

{short description of image}
Daisy sniffing daisies

In Loving Memory of Michelle's Daisy

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