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In Loving Memory of


April 1999 to 15th August 2015

Loved and so sadly missed by Paul Ferguson and family

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Maddie in our backyard.

The days of her youth when she was beautiful and strong. She was a tremendous athlete, very bright and with both a silly and joyous personality.

A picture of Maddie with her brother Maverick.

Now, both angels, I hope he was there to meet her and she is driving him crazy again – chasing him around to play with her.

Finally, a picture of Maddie with MJ, on her last day.

MJ is going to be so lonely without his mom, his sister, his best buddy. He was looking all around the house for her yesterday. I am so worried about his grieving and what we can do, since he’ll be alone all day – while we are at work.

Paul's Maverick
Died July 30th '05
Thyroid & Mast Cell

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