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About Us:


We are Team Emperor.  An exclusive group of Lancer Evolution Enthusiasts from different walks of life.

We take pride in owning one of the most potent, high-performance sports sedans out there...the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.
The Lancer Evolution, which has evolved from a nimble 4WD machine to a fire-breathing Rally Champion, has been around since 1991. Its
seamless blend of power, handling and performance make up an overall balanced car that rivals even the best
and far more expensive cars out in the market.

As Team Emperor, we strive to keep our cars within the balanced philosophy that drove the Lancer Evolution's success.  Every part, every modification,
has had behind it careful planning and meticulous attention to detail while preserving the overall appeal of the Lancer Evolution.  

We also strive to be as disciplined on the street, as well as off. We try to establish street credibility by being associated as being one of the best groups of 
driving enthusiasts with defensive driving skills second to none. A group of enthusiasts with a passion for their chosen ride, and yet mature enough 
to only fully unleash the power of the Lancer Evolution on the track - not the street. 

With the combination of power, handling and a street-legal prowess, the Lancer Evolution in the hands of the Emperors is nothing short of superior.


The Emperors - Superior Drivers who use their Superior Judgement to avoid the situations where
they have to use their Superior skills.

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