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Congratulations Ellis Nelson!

After a dedicated career building amazing metal art, Ellis Nelson has retired.


"Ellis & His Grim Reaper"

Original "paint-by-number" painting by LuLu Fry, property of Ellis Nelson

Driving south through Muscoda (the Morel Mushroom Capitol of Wisconsin), turn left onto Hwy 133 on the edge of town. Look left. See a yard full of curvy arching sculptures...stylized egrets with their beaks pointing toward heaven, circles of metal welded into threesomes, other visionary pieces, non-static, whirring in the wind...and back by the building/workshop standing sentry is a huge, life-size Grim Reaper, black and hooded, a scythe in his hands...a hornet flies out of his jagged white-metal face...this is Ellis Nelson Territory.

"I can see into the next rainbow."

"Ellis Nelson:The Birdman of Muscoda"

Ellis Nelson is open 7 days a week! Stop by and pick up a glorious piece of original sculpture!

Extraordinary Art by the Master Artist of Muscoda



Ellis Nelson: The Visionary Sculptures of The Birdman of Muscoda

To get a copy click HERE

At this time the book is only available online.

It is beautiful, full color throughout.

Once you receive a copy, stop by to visit Ellis. He'd like to sign it for you.


Ellis Nelson Biography

UFO 2006

Ellis Nelson's Christmas Apparition



This website is my gift to my friend and mentor Ellis Nelson. He taught me how to work metal. Ellis is full of great stories. Stop by and see him for an interesting visit. -LuLu Fry


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My dear friend and mentor, Ellis Nelson, passed away on Sunday, March 8, 2015. He was 86 years old.

Ellis was a genuinely kind man, full of stories and witty comments. He patiently and graciously taught me how to work with metal.

I will always have many fond memories of master sculptor Ellis Nelson.

Rest in Peace my friend, and a huge thank-you.


Images & Text on this entire site Copyright 2006-2015 by LuLu Fry. All Rights Reserved.



Thank you for visiting.Please come back and visit again!


Sorry my updates have been slow. Ellis has many wonderful new sculptures for this year!

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