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Electric Company

The Electric Company

Directed by
Henry Behar
Chuck Jones

Writing credits
Sara Compton (writer)
Paul Dooley (head writer) (1971-1972)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Luis Avalos .... Roberto; Dr. Doolats; Igor; Pedro (1972-1977)
Jimmy Boyd .... Andy; J. Arthur Crank; Paul the Gorilla; the Blue Beetle; the Wolfman; voice of Lorelei the Chicken (as Jim Boyd)
Lee Chamberlin .... Brenda; Vi; Gladys Glowworm (1971-1973)
Bill Cosby .... Hank; Al the Milkman; Ken Kane; the Ice Cream Man (1971-1972)
Morgan Freeman .... Mark; Easy Reader; Mel Mounds the DJ; Count Dracula; Mad Scientist; the Cop
Judy Graubart .... Winnie; Jennifer of the Jungle; Julia Grownup
Skip Hinnant .... J.J.; Fargo North, Decoder; the Clam; Frankenstein
Rita Moreno .... Carmela; the Director; Mille the Helper; Pandora the Brat
Danny Seagren .... Spider-Man (1974-1977)
Hattie Winston .... Sylvia; Valerie the Librarian; the Fox (1973-1977)
June Angela .... Julie, member of the Short Circus
Gregg Burge .... Dwayne, member of the Short Circus (1973-1975)
Irene Cara .... Iris, member of the Short Circus (1971-1972)
Todd Graff .... Jesse, member of the Short Circus (1975-1977)
Douglas Grant .... Zack, member of the Short Circus (1971-1973)

Targeting children ages 6 through 10, The Electric
Company aimed to teach basic reading and grammar
skills to the young viewers. The show's
cast of skit players helped teach these concepts
through the use of skits, songs, cartoon and
blackout segments and regular features; all of
them revolved around sound clusters (e.g., sh-, -
ly, -oo-), contractions, punctuation marks, etc.