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The Eldritch Gazette June/July Special Issue

July Editorial:

After the swelling maelstrom of the summer chaos, it is nice to finally see the silver lining begin to brim, and open outward, strong and steady, to what course the fruits of labor has most graciously given. Trying as it may be, I have found what time was needed to keep this publication from going to the defunct state while I settled the rest of my endeavors. Now, I am proud to state, those very endeavors have pretty much been settled. This time, 2 months from now, we will be operating from Anchorage, AK, and will be in the finishing stages of our Coming Film Collection, “The Hapless Experiment”. With this June issue, sadly, we were not able to receive everyone who was writing for us, but look forward to featuring their work in the coming monthly issues. So much has sprung in the last few months. As we grow, leaving our crutches for ever the unknown, it is our intent to continue our work in supporting and promoting those of the weird,fantastic and macabre genres and in bringing them out to the world.

What twists and turns can there be for us, oh merry travelers on the outer line, where teetering does there stand the view port, and into the dark, fathomless unknown do we grin and move along.

Woodruff Laputka
Editor in Chief
The Eldritch Gazette, July 2006


The Lost War Vol: II by Woodruff Laputka
Mashed by Fran Friel
The Girl from Cape Ginsford by Lisa Briseno
Silent Screams by Terry D. Scheerer
Review-The Music of Burton Wagner
Film Review-Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Film Review-H.P.Lovecraft's Necronomicon
Interview with Andrew Migliorie
KnightGaunt-From the Pages of H.P.Lovecraft, is a new Hero Rising?

Late in Coming