Previous projects: Town House Project, Colorado 355 Units Housing Project, Israel 565 Units Plus full production plant Housing projects, Hungary, Plus installation of full production plant Ukraine, Housing project 214 Units, Plus installation of full plant Estonia, Housing project (Test) 33 Units Latvia, Housing project (Test) 12 Units Government test/pilot project of US Technology, using various exporters, each Island had a few homes built and all have survived hurricanes without damage, since 1984. St. Kitts, Housing project 11 Homes St. Lucia, Housing project 27 Homes St. Vincent, Housing project 12 Homes Grenada, Housing project 9 Homes Turks and Cacios, Housing project 31 Homes (on five islands) Bermuda, Housing project 20 Homes Abaco, Housing project 12 Homes Nevis, Housing project 3 Homes Canada, over 7,000 nation wide Florida 62 within 2 years Dominican Republic 107 homes
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