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Edward Lucas White


    Edward Lucas White was one of the great masters of the Edwardian suspense tale, although he is seldom recognized today.  Born in Bergen, N.J., he was raised in Brooklyn, and later moved to Baltimore-- where he spent most of his life.  He went to John Hopkins University for a degree in Biology, but seems to have turned his attention to the classics.  He taught Greek and Latin at the University School of Boys until it closed in 1930.  His first book was a collection of poems published in 1908.  By that time, however, he was already contributing horror and suspense stories to magazines. These were later collected in Song of the Sirens (1919) and Lukundoo (1927).  He was also a historical novelist of some importance.  El Supremo (1916) concerns an early 19th century dictator of Paraguay.  Andivius Hedulio (1921) takes place in Rome during the reign of Commodus.  It was a bestseller.  White wrote his fiction in pencil on small sheets of paper.  These manuscripts were typed out by his wife, who died in 1927.  In 1934, White was found dead in the gas-filled bathroom of his Baltimore home.  The coroner pronounced it a suicide.



                   Narrative Lyrics [p] [1908]
            El Supremo [f]  [1916]
8532 Andivius Hedulio [1921]
# Lukundoo.. [s|1927]
Matrimony [a|1932]
6070 The Unwilling Vestal [1918]
            Song of the Sirens [s] [1919]
       Helen [f] [1925]
        Rome Fell [1927]


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