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Dead Inside

The secret is out, everyone knows what your doing. It hurts from deep down inside of me. I know one day it will turn back and come straight for you. You'll feel exactly like I do now. It will burn you, like it burned a hole straight through me.

I feel dead inside, I want to end my ride. Youve taken all my pride. Now I have nothing inside.

You will know what its like when the glass shadders and everything comes crashing down on you. I just want to get away from this place. I just want to run far away from here.When it all comes down, pieces falling to the ground, you will know how I feel..

I know it aint right how you treat me. Handing me all of your travistys. I only want you to go the fuck away, so that I can run far away from this place. I only want you to get the fuck out of my face. Now can you feel the sting? I gotta live with the shit every fucking day. Now I must leave so that you can get what is rightfully coming back at you.