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I just found and started using this program and I personally guarantee that if you follow my step by step instructions, this program will work for you.

This guide will show you how to make money using a pay-per-click website without actually having to click any links. The computer will automatically do all of the clicking for you without interrupting any other programs you are running on your computer.

You can check your earnings anytime on the PPC website and will be able to recieve payouts as soon as you reach minimum payout amounts (ranging from $10-$100).


This same information is being sold on e-bay for $2-$10. I am giving you this information free of charge, so isn't it worth a try?

This truly amazing system is easy to download.

Once set up, you don't have to do anything.

Track your income up to the second.

You DO NOT have to pay anything at any time.


You don't have to sell anything to anyone.

You don't have to spend advertising money.

You don't have to recruit anyone.

You don't have to worry about it being a chain-letter scam, MLM or pyramid scheme.


The program works similar to "click on search engine and get paid" kind of programs, except for 2 things.

1) You don't have to click on any links--it's all run automatically in the background like an auto-surf.

2) It doesn't give you just one search engine that makes you money. Right now there are about 21+4(just added)=25!!! search engines that run within the program.

3) In about a month or two they will be adding around another 200 search engines!


1)Follow the instructions exactly and you will start earning immediately... the more you are connected to the internet the better... if you have broadband and are able to leave the computer on... even better..

a.. Be able to follow instructions accurately

b.. Leave Your PC or laptop connected to the internet for a few hours - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR INTERNET EXPLORER SECURITY AND PRIVACY SETTINGS ARE SET TO AT LEAST DEFAULT (tools -> internet options)

Shut down your email (outlook etc) if you are leaving to run standalone as some sites may do a mail message request and this stops the system

And finally downloads are disabled AUTOMATICALLY....(note that you you may need to ABLE this ability after tesst33 is done)

And that's it! The system works from anywhere in the world. It is absolutely legal and works unobtrusively in the background earning you cash while you go about your normal day.


You will need 10 minutes to set the system up. You only have to do this once. Then leave your computer on and see your earnings grow in real time.

The only thing you have to remember is to leave your PC connected to the internet. This is crucial.




For just five to ten minutes of effort by you. You will not need to invest any money. No more than four clicks of your mouse when you boot up your PC and within 10 minutes you will see the cash start to accrue.

This step by step guide will show you how to profit by using a pay-per-click website. The best part is - you DO NOT have to click any links to get paid. Your computer will do this by running one program which you can minimise to your system tray leaving your PC free to do whatever you choose to do.



Please print this page to refer to as you go through the step by step instructions

Please click on the link below to sign up

You will now be presented with a form to fill in. Fill it in with the following information.

Login: Enter your own unique login name

Password: Enter password and confirm it in next field

Company name: Type in "ppc appraisal"

Contact Person: Type in your name

Tax ID: Type in "N/A"

Email address: Type in your email address.

Address, etc: Type in your address

URL : Type in ""

Now you should be able to login. Please note you will have to confirm your email address to register. Once you have logged in you will be taken to a menu. Click on REQUESTS. At the bottom of the page click SELECT then REQUEST. Then click on PAGE 2 and click SELECT and REQUEST again.

If there are more than two pages (and there soon will be) then repeat the above process to select all possible search engines. Everything is now set for you to start earning money.

The next step is to automate the process so you do not have do any clicking to earn the cash.

DO all the above first!

Click on the link below

Should this link not work please e-mail me at and I will mail you the program or find a working link.

Your computer will then prompt you to save a file called test33.exe. Save this to your desktop. Now login to PPC appraisal and click on CAMPAIGNS on the menu. Copy your Portal URL which is the one listed on the page. Your referral URL is listed elsewhere under Account Manager. Make sure the URL has the word portal in it.

Now you have downloaded the test33 program, double click on the icon in your desktop to run the program. When the browser has opened click on TOOLS on the menu bar. Click ANALYST the ACT then SETUP. This brings a dialog box up on screen. Click on APPEND to open popup window. Type word "Set1" and click OK.

Popup window will disappear. Now in the small window on the left you should see Set1 inside of it.

Then paste the Portal URL that you copied from the PPC website into the large right window on the right and click OK.

On menu bar click TOOLS then ANALYST then ACT then SET1. The URL will then load up. Now click TOOLS/ANALYST/LOOP.

On menu bar click NAVIGATION then SIX.

At this stage you will have opened up six search engine browsers which will accrue money to six search engine totals at a time rather than just one !! The test33 program will now do all the clicking for you cycling through all of the current 24 search engines accruing money to each one. All you have to do now is minimise test33 and let it get on with the clicking for you while you do NOTHING.

At this point it is worth going for a cup of coffee. When you return login to the PPC website and click STATISTICS and you should see that test33 has already earned you some money !!!

NB - If you do need to turn off your PC or reboot for one reason or another you will need to run the test33 program when you power up. Double click on the test33 icon and click NAVIGATION/SIX. This should make the browser resume its good work. If not click on TOOLS/ANALYST/LOOP again.


Feel free to pass this information on to others so they may take advantage of this system. Make sure that you use your UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK from the PPC website. If you have any referrals, you get 5% of their running time as well, 4 levels deep! The potential to make a great deal of money is very evident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just search engines that get run through this program. There is NO SPYWARE or ADWARE contained in these programs. What these search engines are doing is paying to try to improve their numbers with Alexa so they have a better chance of competing with the big boys like Yahoo and Google.

Please note: when you reach the payout amount you can request PPC to send you the money. At this point you will need to provide details of where you want the money to be sent. I use my paypal account as it sorts out all the currency changes for you.

Finally, I wish you well and hope that you earn lots of money by doing NOTHING!!!

Please read through the instructions carefully and the FAQs further down the page.

Then click on the link and get started!

Thank you for your time and enjoy the wealth.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at


First, let me say that I have no connection with PPC Appraisal in any way other than being a member myself. Secondly, thanks for joining this opportunity through me!

I have received a lot of questions about how PPC and the test33.exe program work so than rather try to keep answering individual emails, this update is going to all who signed-up through me in hopes of answering the questions a lot of you have.

Q. I am having problems setting up, what do I do?

A. To all the variations of this there is only one answer. 99.9% of all the setting up problems, come from not following the instructions to the letter. Please read and understand the instructions before plunging in. Print off the instructions to have them on in front of you so no mistakes can occur. With this in place follow the instructions to the letter.Make life simple for yourself, read and just follow the instructions exactly.

Q. It keeps rejecting my email address?

A. The system does not like a dot in the user name. Ie, bill. jones@[EMAIL PROTECTED] not get through. Try another email address with out the dot.

If you do not have one, set up a hotmail account. It's free and can be set up in minutes

Q. Where do I get the username and password from?

A. You create your own. Put in whatever it is you would like to be known as and whatever you want your password to be. Please remember the password as PPC does not offer a password retrieval system. You forget your password you have lost your money.

Q: What is the test33 program have to do with PPC Appraisal?

A: It is actually not part of the PPC Appraisal website and there is no information at PPC about it(or much of anything else for that matter). What test33 allows you to do is browse 6 sites at a time as opposed to just one and to do it "automatically" instead of manually click-and-surfing. Without test33, PPC would be a very tedious and time-consuming process where making any money would be S-L-O-W.

Q: How can I tell if test33 is working?

A: If you follow the instructions step by step, test33 should have 6 windows open at one time and you should see sites rotating through the window.

If the sites are NOT and the windows are simply blank, test33 is not working. Why? Apparently, PPC goes down at times and that is when this happens. Come back after 12 p.m. tomorrow. It will work again.

Q: Why do I get pop-ups and my mail program attempts to start when using test33?

A: As test33 goes rapidly through the 6 different engines, some sites will appear that have scripting, attempt to have you download something, pop-ups or try to get you to email them. This was a BIG problem however it appears that PPC or the engines themselves have removed sites that do this.

What YOU can do is in test33 is go under TOOLS and check on NOT allowing scripting, popups, Active X. There are more things you can block if you want under TOOLS-TEST33 OPTIONS

Q: How/why do I earn money for basically not doing anything?

A: The 21 engines that are being clicked by test33 are pay-per-click search engines. In order to compete against the major ppc engines like Google or Overture, ppc engines needs LOTS of traffic to convince advertisers to pay to be listed in their engine. The test33/PPC Appraisal method is one way for these little-known search engines to get what appears to be a lot of traffic to potential advertisers. This kind of technique of search engines to use their search engines is becoming more popular as it is a cheap way to try and get established for the search engine company that doesn't have millions to advertise and promote like a Google or Overture.

Q: I have more than one PC at home or work. Can I run test33 on more than one machine at one time?

A: NO! This will get your account terminated. All the messages from PPC on their website concerning using proxies is related to this. Basically, if you have one machine at work and one at home, get two accounts. If the machines are networked together like a home networking setup or office setup, the machines have the same IP address and will appear like a proxy server to PPC so don't do that.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: The people that I know of who have been paid, have been paid by check in US dollars and through PPC, not any of the search engines. It's real money, not "credits" or some gimmick. The program is to be open to everyone as you may notice that some of the engines used in test33 or in languages like Chinese and others.

Q: WHEN do I get paid?

A: Within PPC, you will notice the minimum payout (or Request as PPC calls it) for each engine and your surfing stats. Some of the engines run definitely faster than the others and earn money quicker. You request and get paid through PPC.

Q: Who runs PPC?

A: I do not know at this point. All I do know is they have over 19000 members and growing fast, around 750 to 1000 per week. They have been around long enough where the first people who joined have now earned enough to start getting paid. If you look up the domain of PPC Appraisal, it is registered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Q: What's next

A: As PPC adds more engines in the future as they have said will happen, the amount of money to earn will also grow! I will also be posting here to help others who are in PPC or are thinking of joining.

I hoped it answered any questions you may have had.

Again, I will try to answer any further questions you have by e-mail at