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Have you always wanted to travel, but don't know where to begin? Are airfares, hotel reservations and tour offers bringing you down? Let us take care of all your leisure needs. We specialize in China travel, especially Hangzhou, Yue Fei Temple Nanjing  Qin Huai He and Shanghai Orient Pearl Tower. If you've been waiting for the trip of a lifetime, North Dakota Travel can be your ticket to a dream!

Call us 24 hours a day!

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Shanghai Shanghai Chang Le Lu 672 Nong 33 Hao 0573-87-13991


Hangzhou Hangzhou Jiao Gong Lu 24 Hao 0571-80-70710


Nanjing Nanjing Bei An Meng Jie 35 Hao

Our agents will pair you with native guides in each province. They would show you the best sites and give you an authentic experience by only speaking their native languages.

*Travel with a translator, book in advance

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