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Airlines: A-B. Air Canada; Air France; Air New Zealand; AirTran; Alaska/Horizon; Alitalia ... Use the above tabs to navigate through KLM's Information ... Phone Numbers Reservations (from U.S.): 1 800 225 2525


SeatGuru Seat Map KLM Boeing 747-400 (747)

For your next KLM flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats ... Airlines: A-B. Air Canada; Air France; Air New Zealand; AirTran; Alaska/Horizon; Alitalia; America West; American Airlines; ANA ...


Northwest Airlines/KLM Phone Numbers and Offices

WorldPerks Elite Line (for Elite members calling from within North America, including U.S., Canada ... Northwest Airlines/KLM International Reservations Amsterdam, The Netherlands 020-4747747


Northwest Airlines Travel Center - NWA/KLM Flight Status

To retrieve arrival and departure information for our alliance partner, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, please ... Cairns, Australia (CNS) Cairo-Int'l, Egypt (CAI) Calcutta, India (CCU) Calgary, AB, Canada ...


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... search engine that lets you compare flights from dozens of airlines ... Air Canada Air France AirTran Alaska AmericaWest American ... FareChase for KLM Royal Dutch Airways Reservations Search by: ...


Continental Airlines - Destinations Served

Oslo, Norway (OSL) Continental Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Ottawa, ON Canada (YOW) ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. dba Continental Express , Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. dba Northwest Airlink


Getting to Aruba

Atlanta: Delta Airlines: Daily, 2x Sat: Boston: American Airlines: 6x per week ... Canada: Departing from: Airline: Frequency: Toronto: Air Canada: Winter Charter ... Peru - Lima: KLM: Mon, Wed & Fri: Argentina - Buenos Aires: Aerolineas ...


Airlines in or that service Egypt from Tour Egypt: Official Site of ...

Air France; Canadian Airlines; Air Canada; Northwest Airlines; Lufthansa; KLM; British Airways; Servicing Japan. Singapore Airlines; Cathay Pacific; Kuwait Airways; Emerates; ANA; JAL; Egypt Air; Turkish ...


Aruba Airfare Air Aruba, Continental & KLM

Airfares to Aruba from Air Aruba, Continental Airlines & KLM ... Canada - Aruba Airfare Wizzard: Leaving from:


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Different airlines, including Air Canada, Westjet, Canjet, and Harmony Airways, are featured and discussed. ... KLM Royal Dutch


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