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Northwest Airlines/KLM Phone Numbers and Offices

Northwest Airlines/KLM International Reservations Amsterdam, The Netherlands 020-4747747 ... Northwest Airlines/KLM Passenger Refund Department MS C6591 7500 Airline Drive


General Information for KLM

KLM Links Airline Code: KL Website: Frequent Flyer Program: Flying Blue ... Reservations (from U.S.): 1 800 225 2525 Reservations (from Netherlands): +31 (0) 20 4 747 747


KLM Royal Dutch Airways reservations and information on Yahoo ...

FareChase is a web-based travel search engine designed to help you locate cheap airfare and airline tickets , hotels and KLM Royal Dutch Airways Reservations.


Continental Airlines - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Home; Reservations. Make Flight Reservation; Make Car Reservation; Make Hotel ... Home > About Continental > Global Alliances > KLM Royal Dutch ... in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it is the fourth largest airline in ...


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Planning & Reservations Traveling & Check-in SkyMiles ... Airline Partners. Take off with miles anytime you fly one of our ... KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers: 13 Economy Class: 500 miles ...


Airline Reservations - Puerto Rico

Airline Reservations Detail ... Northwest Airlines/ KLM - San Juan Metro 800-225-2525, 800-447-4747


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

... with a click and arrange all details of your trip via a single portal, from booking airline ... Booking flight tickets on-line is easy with KLM WorldWeb Reservations . Directly from the KLM home page enter ...


Booking your flight

Online services for this area are operated by our official airline partner. Go to the site ... Telephone reservations. KLM reservations agents are standing by to answer your inquiries and book your ...

making reservations with AIR FRANCE, KLM, SkyTeam* or other airline partners,  -  checking in at the airport,  - using the services of non-airline partners.


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