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Monday, January 29, 2007

Air France Klm Merger

Air France-KLM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the time of the merger in May 2004, Air France and KLM combined offered flights to 225 destinations in the world. In the year ending March 21, 2003, the two companies combined transported 66.3 ...


Air France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Air France (Compagnie Nationale Air France) is a subsidiary of Air France-KLM. Before its merger with KLM, it was the national airline of France, employing 71,654 people (as of January 2005). The ...


Worldwide Member Firms 2005 Review - Client Service Excellence - Air ...

Helping complete complex transactions requires more than outstanding professional expertise.? It ... Worldwide Member Firms 2005 Review: Air France/KLM ? A complex merger


An open letter to Air France and KLM

An Open Letter to Air France & KLM ... They jump from a New York to Rome flight for another leaving for Bangkok where they stay ... - Travel - News - KLM to meet with unions to discuss ...

KLM to meet with unions to discuss merger From Agence France-Presse THE HAGUE, Netherlands Dutch carrier KLM, which is in talks with Air France and ... ...



The Air France and KLM merger is still awaiting the formal US Antitrust approvals (ATI). Until further notice Air France Cargo and KLM Cargo will continue to be separate entities in the USA.


Welcome To Air Cargo World -- Breaking News

EU approves Air France-KLM merger. European Union regulators today conditionally approved a merger between Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that will create the world's biggest airline by revenue ...


Welcome To Air Cargo World -- Breaking News

Reprint permission: Air France, KLM agree to merger. Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on Tuesday agreed to a merger creating Europe's biggest carrier in a 5 million all-stock deal that calls ...


Airwise News - Air France

The Airwise aviation and air travel news service - Air France News. ... Air France KLM Sees Additional Savings October 4, 2006 The 2004 merger of Air France and KLM could ...


Air France KLM

KLM and Air France In May 2004, the merger between Air France and KLM became a fact, creating Europe?s largest airline group: Air France-KLM. This merger, being a milestone in the airline industry ...


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