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Fuel Cycle Article Uploads

Fast Breeder Links

Fast-breeder reactors more important for India
Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor
Wikipedia: Fast breeder reactor
Wikipedia: Nuclear Fuel Cycle


Wikipedia: Thorium
Thorium Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Thorium Fuel Cycle - Potential benefits and challenges
Thorium Nuclear Reactor Designs Advancing
The Evolution of CANDU Fuel Cycles and Their Potential Contribution To World Peace

General Nuclear Stuff

Terrestrial Gamma Radioactivity


Compatibility Analysis on Existing Reactivity Devices in CANDU 6 Reactors for DUPIC Fuel Cycle
Technological change of nuclear fuel cycle in Korea - The case of DUPIC
The Status and Prospect of Dupic Fuel Technology
Analysis of Nuclear Proliferation Resistance of DUPIC Fuel Cycle
Technology and Implementation of the DUPIC Concept for Spent Nuclear Fuel in the ROK
Assessment of DUPIC Fuel Cycle using IAEA INPRO Methodology

List of Articles Being Requested

"Utilization of spent PWR fuel - advanced nuclear fuel cycle PWR/CANDU synergism"
Journal:Nuclear science and techniques
Volume/Issue: 15/3