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Hi! My name is Ducky Bumpkins, and welcome to my website! Here, I will have my collection of knits, and the possibily of making a few for whoever wants them. The patterns are free, amd most have photo's to help you along with them. If you have difficulty with any project, I will try my best to help you. If I am unable to do so myself, I will address your question to someone who knows the answer. To purchase a finished project, please email me at or with your request(s). It must be something that I have previously selected as something I can make. I will then tell you what wool I require, and how much is needed. You must pay for the wool yourself. If you have purchased too much yarn, I will refund you the difference. The cost for the finished items will be minimal at best. I will pay for delivery if it is 20$ or less. I haven't yet thought of the price list for the projects. It will be depending on time, difficulty level, and type of project. If you wish to submit your own pattern, or one that is not on this site, send it to one of my email addresses, and I will add it to the site. If the pattern submitted is for purchasing (you want me to make it), I will take a look at it and decide if I can do it.