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Recent Media Coverage of Dreidel AZA

bulletDreidel has been officially numbered by International! We are now officially:

Dreidel AZA # 2525


“I am so pleased that I want to go to a third-world country and kidnap a blind, dumb, deaf, mute child and bring him back so I can prove that there is someone who is worse at doing stuff and getting stuff done than Ari Khuner-Haber.”

--- Aleph Daniel Kingsbook’s parting words. We thank thee for a marvelous time spent in your royal company.




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Coming Events!

bulletMeeting on Wednesday, January 31 7-9PM

Recent Minutes!

Minutes for Meeting of Dreidel AZA #2525…69 on 12/13/06



Ari K-H made awesome ballot pages.... Jules' tachat

  1. Gadol: Jacob Raskin

  2. S'gan: Ariel Platt, Ari Finkelstein

  3. Moreh: Jonah Moore

  4. Mazkir: Aron Kingsbook

  5. Gizbor: Ari Khuner-Haber

  6. Recording Mazkir: Ariel Platt, Josh Freund

  7. Shliach: Samuel Hecht (nice phone-speech)

  8. Machshev: Jacob Raskin

  9. Cohen Gadol: Ari Khuner-Haber


I made this Dreidel Logo one day in AP Comps, maybe we can use it… Give feed-back.


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