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Minutes from meeting on 6/9/06

·        De-installations/Re-Installations/Installations

o       People do candle stuff (Lia stop blowing out Ellie’s candle…)


·        Dreidel AZA #2525 inherits Dreidel BBYO #5369’s constitution, written by Dan with new amendments made by Ari Cunt-Hammerer

o       Amendments are encouraged and can be made at any time, so long as they are proposed to the Gadol 24 hours in advance, and must use Parliamentary-style phrases: Whereas… I move that….


·        Look for Dreidel’s mySpace page… coming soon.

·        Look for Sandstorm by Darude to be on the Chapter Website

·        Quote of the meeting:

      “I am so pleased that I want to go to a third-world country and kidnap a blind, dumb, deaf, mute child and bring him back so I can prove that there is someone who is worse at doing stuff and getting stuff done than Ari Khuner-Haber.”

--- Aleph Daniel Kingsbook’s parting words. We thank thee for a marvelous time spent in your royal company.


·        Rafting trip delegations:

o Sam B. = Deposits by 6/28/06

o Dan K. = Writing to our corporates

o Aaron L. = T-shirt design, cheap company to print the shirts (talk to Daddy and such…)

o Aron K. = Planning 5 Programs (ideas, whole, detailed plans… whole chabangs)

o Ariel = Contact companies (rafting), campsites, contact people, packing list

o Sam H. = Jewish Educationals, community services (???), letters to Jewish sponsors

o Raskin = Send related emails

o Ari K-H = Chapter logo

o Oakland BBG #2 = figure out who is bringing what, programming, logistics (times, places), recruiting (specifically for rafting and general of course), rides


o Prices of shizz as of now (total, assuming no sponsorships) :

§         $300   =  Food

§         $210   = Shirts

§         $360   = Gasoline

§         $100   = Miscellaneous

§         $80     = Programming

§         $3000 = Rafting

§         $4050 = Total


§         $135   = $ / Person assuming 30 attendees

§         $90     = $ / Person assuming 45 attendees ç Goal $/person

§         $67.5  = $ / Person assuming 60 attendees ç Goal # rafters


o       Organizations / Companies / Corporations to hit up for donations & sponsorships (REMEMBER: tell them that they will get their logo on the back of our rafting shirts if they support us! This I our catch.)

§         Costco (at least cheap stuff in massive quantities)

§         Trader Joes

§         Nike/Adidas/Reebok

§         Oakland Kosher

§         Grand Bakery

§         Noah’s Bagels

§         Hillel

§         Synagogues (TBA, etc…)

§         The J

§         Oakland A’s

§         Kinkos

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