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The Constitution of

Dreidel AZA #2525





To provide teens who lead a Jewish life with a place to escape the rush and strain of school, to unite a population of Jews, to educate, to bond, to establish lifelong friendships, to create lifelong memories, to do good in our community, to connect to our Jewish identity, to have one helluva good time with our fellow brothers and sisters during these years of our prime, and to follow the principles of the Aleph Zadik Aleph of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization.


Article I.  Name


This Chapter shall be known as Dreidel AZA #2525 of Central Region West (CRW) #45 in association with the International Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO).


Article II.  Stompin Grounds


The area of Dreidel AZA #2525 is bordered to the North by the Northern border of Richmond, to the south by the Southern Border of Hayward, to the West by the San Francisco Bay and to the East by Lafayette.


Article III.  Membership


Section 1: Eligibility.

Dreidel AZA #2525 is open to all young men from the second semester of eighth grade to the end of the twelfth grade* who consider themselves Jewish, who are the son or daughter of a Jew**, and who lead a Jewish life.

*In a situation where a prospective member either does not attend school or has a schedule different from the normal fall to spring schedule, the minimum age for membership is thirteen years of age and the maximum age is no greater than eighteen years.

**Either Parent, or unless converted.


Section 2: Life Membership.

A member of Dreidel AZA #2525 is eligible for Chapter Life Membership at the end of his or her senior year of high school. To receive Life Membership at this level, a member must have been inducted into the Order of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, served on Dreidel Board for a minimum of three terms or served as chapter Gadol for a single term, and be a prominent figure of leadership in the chapter.  Whether or not these requirements have been fulfilled is at the discretion of the Gadol at the time of life ceremony.  Life Membership is a symbolic ceremony, and is only honorary membership.


Article IV.  Chapter Info


Chapter Motto:  Keep The Dreidel Spinnin’

Chapter Symbol:   

Chapter Team Name:  Team Bokoodles

Chapter Mascot: The Bokoodle

Chapter Sport:  Ultimate Disc

Chapter Colors: Navy Blue and Gold

Chapter Word: Syke

Chapter Number: 69

Chapter Website:

Sponsoring Synagogue: Temple Beth Abraham


Article V.  Meetings


Section 1: Time and Place.

Meetings for Dreidel AZA #2525 shall take place every other Wednesday*, starting at the Gadol’s discretion.  Meetings shall be held at 341 MacArthur Blvd in Oakland, the TBA House (or as otherwise noted).

*Emergency meetings may be called at anytime if it is deemed    necessary by the Gadol.



Section 2: Voter Delegation.

Each present registered member shall receive one vote and each board member shall receive one vote.


Article VI.  Officers/Elections


Section 1: Positions.

The board positions of Dreidel AZA #2525 are, in ranking order starting from highest delegation, Gadol, S’gan, Moreh, Mazkir, Gizbor, Recording Mazkir, Shaliach, Machshev, Sopher, and Kohen Gadol.


Section 2: Candidate Requirements.

A candidate must be a registered member of Dreidel AZA #2525 and must have the will and ability to fulfill his or her position completely.


Section 3: Board Responsibilities/Goals.



· Run business meetings and create agenda

· Keep in contact with board members to ensure that they are doing their jobs

· Keep in contact with advisors, regional director, and regional Gadol

· Relay info about events from S’ganiot to other board members and advisors

· Act as a representative of the chapter at regional events

· Attend all chapter and regional events


· Work with younger members to help them learn leadership skills

· Pass on traditions

· Help the chapter grow stronger

· Help chapter follow more AZA/BBYO traditions




· Keep a calendar with upcoming events and make sure that it is filled

· Encourage 5/6-fold programming

· Clear events

· Ensure that events are evaluated and that evaluations are sent to regional office

· Lead business meetings and take over Gadol’s responsibilities in Gadol’s absence

· Inform Gadol of events

· Keep in contact with regional S’gan

· Attend all chapter and regional events


· Organize online calendar for members to access at any time

· Ensure a variety of events and make them satisfy the various folds

· Ensure that we have events that include programming

· Encourage and help younger/newer members plan events

· Plan events with other chapters




· Promote the three R’s: Recruitment, Retainment, and Reeducation

· Ensure steady flow of members and prospectives into our chapter, and retain old members

· Communicate with new members and prospectives, especially to teach them about BBYO and to get them to join

· Call prospectives about events

· Plan MIT (Member in Training) programs to educate members about traditions, etc.

· Plan PIT (parent in training) programs when appropriate

· Keep in contact with regional Moreh

· Attend all events

· Hand out dreidels to bar/bat mizvahs at TBA


· Plan a successful kidnap breakfast

· Recruit at least 11 new members to replace old seniors

· Get names and dates of bar/bat mitzvahs and a big bag of dreidels




· Keep up good communication in the chapter (through phone call, e-mails, flyers, etc.); need to stay informed about events and get the correct information before communicating it to the rest of the chapter

· Call members not on board about events

· E-mail members, prospectives, advisors, etc. about meetings

· Create chapter roster and provide copies to chapter members

· Keep in contact with regional Mazkir


· Send out weekly e-mail with all relevant info about meetings and upcoming events (and try to spice it up a bit)

· Create a phone tree for calling members about events

· Get out a chapter roster within the first month of school




· Control chapter money and bank account

· Coordinate and promote fundraisers for chapter, charity, and ISF and RSF dues

· Pay back members when requested

· Collect money at events

· Keep in contact with regional Gizbor


· Organize at least three to four fundraisers this term

· Change names on bank account


Recording Mazkir


· Keep good, creative minutes at all meetings

· Send minutes to chapter members, prospectives, advisors, regional director, regional Gadol, and regional recording Mazkir

· Keep in contact with regional Recording Mazkir


· Appoint a backup

· SEND the minutes from each meeting by the next day




· Plan programs that fall under the Jewish Heritage, Social Action, and Community Service folds

· Encourage general awareness of Judaism and Jewish culture

· Lead prayers, Havdallah, birkat, etc. when necessary


· Organize chapter-led Shabbat morning or Friday night service at TBA

· Plan at least four events that fall under the above folds

Come to each meeting with some kind of info that makes us more aware of what’s going on in the world (AIDS, breast cancer, women’s rights, political debates, etc.)




·  Keep website updated.

·  Create a profile of the board members

·  Have proper application forms and information on how to join BBYO available on the website.

·  Update pictures frequently


Section 4: Election Procedures.

A.     Elections are held in order of delegation from highest to lowest.

B.      The following is the proper procedure for elections:

a.      Caucusing (pronounced Cock-Assing).  A valid caucuss for a position requires that the member has remained standing after the Gadol asks for “all caucusing for the high and honorable position of _____” three times.  The Gadol will recognize the candidates and ask for them to be seated.

b.     Nominations.  Nominations will be written down and read back in reverse order of their declaration.  At this time the nominees must respectfully accept, accept, respectfully decline, or decline their nomination.  A serious nomination is classified as a person or thing that fits the requirements of a candidate as defined under Article VI, Section II. 

c.     Speeches.  Nominees will receive one minute to state qualifications.  Candidates will receive time to give their speeches according to the position that they are running for.  Gadol gets five minutes, S’gan gets four minutes, all other positions get three minutes.  During speeches all other candidates must exit the room, out of hearing distance.

d.     Questions.  Each candidate shall answer each serious question.  All questions after the first will be answered in reverse order of the previous one.  The Gadol has the discretion to deem a question serious or not serious.  The Gadol also has the discretion to deem a question as “pointed,” favoring one or several candidates, and can throw it out. In the event that a question has a specific correct answer all candidates will leave the room, out of hearing distance, and one at a time will come back and answer the question.  The order that each will return will be in alphabetical order of the last name.

e.      Voting.  Each registered member present at the meeting gets one vote.  Votes will be anonymous and written on ballots provided by the Gadol.  A voter must write either the name of a candidate or “abstain” on his or her ballot.

f.       Ballot Count.  After all ballots have been collected they will be counted by an advisor and Kohen Gadol.  If the Kohen Gadol is either not present or is a candidate he or she may not count votes.

                                                                          i.      A majority vote of non-abstentions is required to successfully elect a candidate or nominee.

                                                                        ii.      If there is not a successful election then the candidate with the lowest number of votes will be dropped and the voting process will be repeated until there is a majority vote.

                                                                      iii.      If there is only one candidate a “White Ballot” can be called for.  In this case the procedure follows that of any movement outlined in Article.  Section.

g.     If there has been a successful election the Gadol will declare to the chapter: “Congratulations, you have successfully elected a new _______ for the _____ term.

                                                                          i.      In the case of no candidate receiving the necessary votes there will be a revote.  If there is more than two candidates the candidate with the fewest votes will be dropped from the next round of voting.  If there is an exact tie then a revote will be held with those who abstained to be strongly encouraged to choose a candidate.

                                                                        ii.      If there is no winner after three rounds of voting a motion may be proposed to elect the candidates as “co’s.” If the motion passes the candidates will work together as co’s.

                                                                      iii.      If the motion fails then the chapter board only will vote on the candidates.

h.     The Gadol will then proceed to asking each candidate “if elected will you serve” three times, rapping the gavel after each answer.  The candidate must reply with a “yes” or else it is accepted as a refusal.

i.        All candidates have been addressed the Gadol declares for the chapter to “clap for all the candidates.”  Then the Gadol shakes the hand of the winning candidate with a ballot with the winning candidate’s name on it inside his or her hand.

g.  After the entire elections procedure has concluded all of the ballots will be collected and burned.


Article VII.  Policy


The policy of Dreidel AZA #2525 is outlined by the “code of conduct presented on every membership application.”


BBYO Member Code of Conduct Summary:

BBYO has clearly defined the expectations for acceptable conduct at all local, national and international programs, and has identified the consequences of unacceptable behavior. The Code of Conduct was developed in consultation with the International AZA and BBG Boards

and the International Management Team. Below are the major themes of the Code. Each member is expected to read and be familiar with the complete Code of Conduct.

• The organization is committed to safeguarding the rights given to all members upon registering in BBYO and by the laws of each individual community. In addition, BBYO strives to promote a safe, healthy, orderly and civil BBYO environment.

BBYO is a drug and smoke-free organization. At BBYO events or activities, members are prohibited from possessing, consuming, selling, distributing or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other illegal substances.

• Conduct that is disruptive and/or insubordinate is not permitted.

• Conduct that endangers the safety, morals, health, or welfare of themselves and/or others will not be tolerated.

• Gambling is against BBYO policy.

• All members are to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to dress appropriately for BBYO functions and events sponsored by the organization. Members who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, including removal from programs, suspension or expulsion from the organization.


Article VIII.  Impeachment/Suspension


Section 1: Impeachment.  If an officer is not fulfilling his or her duty as stated in Article VI. Section 3, then any member may submit a request for Impeachment through a motion.  In this case the board member who is the subject of this request will be given three minutes to make a defense statement and list accomplishments in his or her term.  After this statement the floor will be opened to anonymous questions through writing, which will be first previewed by the Gadol.  Voting will follow, with every present member getting one vote, not including the subject of the request.  The motion will pass with no less than a three quarter majority vote.


Section 2: Impeachment Procedure.

Requests for the impeachment of officers must be presented to the Gadol at least four days before the business meeting at which it will be discussed.  The subject of the request must attend this meeting unless prior conflict is stated, in which case they must attend the following meeting.  If this member then does not attend these meeting he or she forfeits her right to give a defense and list accomplishments, and voting will then take place.


Section 3: Suspension.

A Gadol may make a request for the suspension of any Dreidel member.  A valid reason for suspension may be, but is not limited to the infraction of rules outlined in Article VII.  He or she must seek approval from all advisors and the regional director before issuing the suspension.  The Gadol must provide the advisors and regional director with person subject to the suspension, the reason for the suspension, and the duration of the suspension.  After receiving approval from all parties the Gadol may issue in writing a suspension of the member including the name of the member, date of suspension beginning, date of suspension end, reason for suspension and the signature of an advisor.


Article IX.  Amendments


Section 1: Amendments.

This constitution may be amended by registered members of Dreidel AZA #2525 at chapter business meetings only.


Section 2: Procedure.

Proposed amendments or motions must be submitted in writing to the Gadol at least twenty four hours prior to the business meeting at which it will be voted on.  At the business meeting the amendment or motion will be presented to the chapter using the following procedure:

          Motion is proposed to chapter stating “where as’s.”

          Move to Questions to the intent.

          Move to Questions.

          Move to Discussion, members may state pros and cons of motion.

          Move to voting.


Section 3: Voting.

Voting shall be done anonymously using paper ballots.  There must be at least a two-thirds delegation vote for the motion to pass.

The Gadol has the power to veto any motion.


Article X.  Our pledge to live by it


We, the Alephs of Dreidel BBYO dedicate ourselves to the principles of the Aleph Zadik Aleph, vow to uphold the traditions of our order and our chapter, act unto our fellow Alephs as they were our own siblings, and lead Dreidel AZA #2525 through generations of Jewish teens so that any past member of this chapter may look back upon it’s legacy and be proud.  We must keep the Dreidel Spinning.


Drafted by Aleph Daniel Kingsbook

Aleph Gadol of Dreidel AZA #2525, 2004-2005

Regional Aleph Moreh 2005-2006

Edited by Aleph Ari Khuner-Haber

Aleph Gadol of Dreidel AZA #2525, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 2006

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