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Student Artists Need Your Help
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Drawing Kids.org
100% goes to Schools

Types of Supplies Needed:

Any brands

  • Drawing Pencils
  • Ebony Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Tortillions and Stumps
  • Color Pencils
  • Oil Pastels
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Caligraphy pens
  • India Ink
  • Conte Crayons
  • Watercolors
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Palletes
  • Pallete knifes
  • Canvas
  • Easels
  • Paper
  • Various other Art Supplies

    Public High Schools of Cumberland County

  • EE Smith
  • Pine Forest
  • Terry Sanford
  • Douglas Byrd
  • Gray's Creek
  • Southview
  • Westover
  • Seventy First
  • Jack Britt
  • Reid Ross Classical
  • Massey Hill Classical
  • Cape Fear

    Contact Sarah-Lynn for further information or how you can help.


    (910) 717-6475 evenings

    ART Links

    FUTURE PEACE Studios

    Arts Council of Fayetteville, NC

    Artwanted one of the world's largest Art Communities. All ages welcome.

    Sarah-Lynn's Portfolio

    Drawing Kids Wishlist at Dick Blick
    gives a good idea of some of the stuff that would be needed and the amounts.

  • Give Young Artists the Tools They Need to Create

    Without Art supplies you don't get Art.

    Art supplies get used up, broken, worn out and need constant replacing probably more so than any other Academic supply in the high schools.

    Art teachers work with limited budgets and have to make lesson plans to educate and enrich an array of students and skill levels. Art is therapeutic, creative and can help kids in their other classes. No one wants to take money away from the core curriculum, but shrinking budgets have made some schools severely cut or remove their Art programs all together.

    About us:
    Drawing Kids is non-profit organization that was founded by Artist, Sarah-Lynn Brown to promote Art education and exploration in the High schools of Cumberland County, North Carolina. The first school to receive a gift of supplies was E.E. Smith High in fall of 2006.

    We supply, "Supplementary" Art supplies primarily to fill the gap between what the budgets allow and what the teacher needs to meet the needs of the classroom and secondly because at the moment, our budget only allows me to buy odds and ends on sale and seize the deal... so amounts are not always enough to provide a class set of most items yet. A "set" I provide might be 5 indiv. beading looms or 12 packs of color pencils.

    To put a variety of quality Art supplies in the hands of High School students by donating supplies to the High School Art department for use in the classroom. Also to have Professional Artists volunteer to show the students how to use them. To help future college Art students prepare a portfolio.

    **Four High Schools were selected to receive Supplementary supplies for the
    2007-2008 School year**

    Westover High School

    needed and received a large variety of supplies including sissors, drawing pencils, canvas boards, acrylic paints, brushes and easels. Plus much more.

    Pine Forest High School

    received a variety of drawing supplies

    Douglas Byrd High School

    received a variety of drawing supplies

    Seventy First High School

    received drawing supplies

    ** 2009-2010 School Year**

    Reid Ross Classical School.

    Various drawing supplies, beading looms and wood carving kits.

    How is this possible:

    Step 1: Donating money, supplies and/or your time.

    100% of Donations go directly to the schools. Money donations can be earmarked for a specific school or placed in the General fund, with which supplies requested by teachers can be purchased.

    Step 2: Collecting donated supplies and purchasing needed Supplies with donation monies.

    Step 3: Filling Boxes. Sorting and preparing boxes for individual schools.

    Step 4: Donating the boxes to schools

    This cannot happen without the support of the community through charitable contributions.

    - Sarah-Lynn Brown

    Please contact Sarah-Lynn at prismranger@hotmail.com or phone (910) 717-6475 evenings for further information or to help

    Drawingkids is a non-profit that donates supplies to High School Art teachers of Cumberland County, North Carolina for use in the classrooms. I hope to expand this to other schools in the future.