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Paradise Garden Day Spa
   Your Eden in the Rockies

Massage Therapy, Treatments and Body Wraps

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Massage Therapy

Express Body Massage - $40 (30 min)
Sport Massage (post workout) - $45 (30 min)
Swedish Massage - $60 (60 min)
- $95 (90 min)
Deep Tissue Massage - $70 (60 min)
Aromatherapy Massage $70 (60 min)
Neuromuscular Massage - $70 (60 min)

Specialized Body Treatments and Wraps

Our specialized body treatments are designed to improve skin tone, stimulate circulation, rid your system of toxins by increasing lymphatic drainage and invigorate and energize your body. Specialized body treatments are the perfect way to end your day in the Garden of Eden.

Body Wraps

Herbal Steam Wrap - $50(40 min)
Body Scrub - $50 (40 min)
Aromatherapy Body Scrub $65 (40 min)
Moor Mud Body Mask - $65 (45 min)
Moor Mud Body Mask with Herbal Wrap - $105 (75 min)

Save on combined spa treatment packages