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Paradise Garden Day Spa, Your Eden in the Rockies

Hand and Foot Care

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Hand Care
Deluxe spa manicure (with paraffin treatment) $40.00
Deluxe spa manicure (with glycolic treatment) $40.00
French manicure $30.00
Foot Care
Peppermint pedicure with foot & leg mask $55.00
Deluxe spa pedicure (paraffin treatment) $60.00
Soothing foot bath with manicure $45.00

Treatment Packages

Anti-stress Pedicure

Stress plays havoc with the feet. We begin your anti-stress treatment by soaking your tired feet in bath salts to release stress and fatigue. Next we massage a fluid-releasing gel, rich in menthol, ginko, and lemon grass, to restore and refresh them. We finish your treatment by massaging your feet and lower legs with a rich hydrating cream to nourish the skin. – $55.00 (1 hour)

Age-Defying Collagen Manicure

Hands, more than any other body part, reveal your age. Our intensive collagen treatment turns back the clock, keeping your hands young and beautiful. Once properly groomed, your hands are massaged with a collagen masque and placed into warm mitts. The gentle heat releases the collagen’s anti-aging properties, allowing it to absorb into your skin. Your hands never looked so lovely.- $45.00 (45 min.)

Peppermint Pedicure

This wonderfully aromatic and energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in peppermint-based muscle-ache relief oil. Next, feet are scrubbed with peppermint granules, leaving skin tingling and soft. Finally, a deep-moisturizing, anti-fungal complex is massaged into your feet, completing this stimulating treatment. - $55.00 (50 min.)

Hydrating Pedicure

After a relaxing footbath with anti-stress salts, a gentle exfoliating cream, rich in Dead Sea salt granules, is applied to each foot to slough off dead skin cells. A dry-foot cream, rich in Vitamin A and Shea butter, is massaged into the feet to hydrate and moisturize. This treatment is excellent for cracked or hardened soles. $65.00 (1 hour)