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These "RPG Makers" as they are called are incredibly popular all around the world. If you go to Japan, where RPG Maker was made by ASCII and Enterbrain, then you can actually see RPG Maker games sold in stores! And not just like garage sale places, I'm talking about actual stores. The links below contain downloads for RM2K3 and RMXP, two great, easy to use RPG Makers used to make games.


RPG Maker 2003

An amazing maker, this is an enhancement over a poorer RPG Maker known as RPG Maker 2000. This includes the following-

Many, many actions can be performed.
Simple to use side-view battle system.
Changeable font type and font colors.
Any desired character graphics you want(within size limit)
And much, MUCH more.

Download RPG Maker 2003


RPG Maker XP

Some people think this is the greatest RPG Maker because of its wider range of possibilities. It includes-

A scripting system to make you game 100% the exact way you want it to be.... If you do all the scripting yourself, that is.
Character graphics can be any size you want.
Tilesets can be as long as you want.

And thats about it. Most things in RMXP are in 2003, but RMXP actually has less options than 2003 does. Of course, there are many things you can do with RMXP that you can't do with RM2K3. They are equally matched, in my opinion.

Download RPG Maker XP


Both Makers were provided by Crankeye.