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RPG Maker Downloads


March 6, 2006.

I finally updated this place again. There are now resources ripped and gathered by me(for rm2k3). There is now actually a point to this site. Expect games to be available for download soon. For now, though, I suggest checking because that is where I'm expecting all my games to get hosted. Some other cool people will be getting their games hosted there, too.


February 25, 2006.

Added links and stuff today. Also added scripts and utilities. Expect resources within the next few days. I don't really plan on ever giving this site a layout, as it was made only to help people with RPG Maker and to show off my and my friends' games. That is the only reason I made it. More resources, scripts, and tutorials will be coming soon, so stay tuned. ;)


February 24, 2006.

Sorry, this place has yet to be updated. Come back around the beginning of April. Or whatever month comes right after February. I tend to forget.

Here are some things that will be included in the next update-

RMXP Scripts

RMXP Resources

RMXP Games

RM2K3 Resources

RM2K3 games

RM2K3 Tutorials and help programs

RM2K3 and XP Downloads!

Sorry there isn't anything here as of now, but be ready for an explosion of RPG Maker greatness.

I am DragonMagna. I have almost brought a new evolution of RPG Maker. Be prepared for an amazing RPG Maker fan site. Maybe not very "Advanced," but if you just want the resources, scripts and help, then this will soon be the place you need. In April 2006.