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Here, you can play games that other people who have RPG Maker have made. While I try to host only finished games, some games may be demos... Click on the link below to hear a description of the game you chose and to see some screenshots. Then you can download it if you want.

Note: Some websites used to host games, such as http://megaupload.comare very bad. They often might not work and, maybe, they will throw a disturbing image at you. This is not DM2K3XP's fault, meaning that we(I) cannot be sued or anything for anything innappropriate found on these sites used to host games.

Sorry, no games are available for download yet...

Want people to be able to download your game off my site? E-mail me-
and send me your game. I suggest you go to http://megaupload.comand e-mail your game to me from there, where I will play it, and if it is appropriate, then I will host it here. Please only send me completed games.