-a poem-


Pretending to be blind and trying to erase,
Overlooking the deception that's right in front of my face.
You say that I'm enough, but your actions don't reflect it.
I spend so much time waiting on you; trying not to feel neglected.
Why does it seem like I have to keep impressing you?
In a constant competition each day I try to struggle through.
You tell me to forgive you, and I want to so bad.
Because even despite the negative, you're still the best I've ever had.
And I know that sometimes you have to put up with me being a jerk.
I can't be all the things that you need, but won't some of them work?
Every time I see you flirting with them, I lose a little trust.
I just wish it didn't feel so much like 'you and me' but more like 'us'.