*a poem*

I want her more

A female deity dealing in sexual promiscuity
Wanting everyone to want her...
She's an attention whore that I just can't help but adore
I want her more
Knowing they worship her, she needs this collection
Her mindless puppet army whose strings are her protection
Deep inside is a void that she desperatly wants filled
She crams them all in yet the emptiness is not killed
And I wonder what she gathers them for, when I want her more
She keeps them near, fears they might disappear
Her motives unclear, is their devotion sincere
Will they love and respect her the way that I do
Would they stick around if they knew
That my feelings for her surpass comprehension
The reasons I care, to numerous to mention
I need her as much as she needs the others
Would do anything to replace all of her lovers
So I will endure, give her time to explore...
Some day she might find that I want her more