The note I found in B's notebook:

--My bad side:--
I laugh when people scream in pain
I want to brutally kill my enemies
I want to be the leader of a group again
I hate people that try and tell me what to do
I hate being outdone (losing)
I hate being laughed at
I don't care what people think of me
I like killing things
People aren't right unless they agree with me
I can't take rejection
I'm extremely jealous
I'm insecure
I'm the scum of the earth, I wish I were dead

--My good side:--
I try and help people any way I can
I try to be understanding
I'm loyal and honorable
I'm smart and a philosopher
I'm versatile
I'm funny
I have a large capacity for love (I'm a lover)
I'm honest
I give respect where it's due

Written sideways in the margin not in either catagory was:
the golden rule
the big picture
I'm devious and manipulative when I have to be
I'm easily hurt
I'm evil

On the back of the note in the middle was written:
at times I feel it would be less painful to just leave

who appreciates me?