This letter is framed on my friend's wall. It is from an old girlfriend.

I can't stand it anymore
I can't live behind a lie
I was wrong to say I only wanted to be friends
I love you
I was so scared to say it
Please don't hate me
I know you were ready to love me a long time ago
But I put you off
How can I make it up to you
It was a mistake
Please take me back
We have lost so much time because of my stupidity
Can you love me again
Have I ruined it all
I should have taken my chance when you gave it to me
But I refused
Forgive me
I don't know why I did it
I love you
I said I didn't but I do
Take me back please please
I've admitted my mistake
I've admitted it was wrong
I don't know why I refused you
I think I was just scared to say what was true
I have never had these feelings before
I know now though
I love you
You loved me once too
Feel it again because now I am ready
I will never again lie to you
I'm never going to say I don't love you
I love you
Do you love me to
Please say you do