This letter is framed on my friend's wall.

You know I really hate you
I know I'm nice to you and don't let you hear me when I put you down, but it's all just an act.
Can't you see I lied when I said you were my friend. I don't like it when you come over. I just pretend to like it.
I hate it when you call. I make faces at you when you can't see. When you're not around I tell people that I only
hang around you because I feel sorry for you. I'm not your friend. I'm like everyone else. I pity you. I can't
stand it anymore. I've kept it all inside, but now I just want you to leave me alone. Why do you have to be around
all the time? Please go away. At first I thought I could handle it but I was wrong, because if I see your face
again I might hurt you! Just go! Don't say anything, just go!