she says:
i don't know what happened last night, i don't know what i did

he says:
i can't say what you did wrong, cause i guess you
really didn't do anything wrong..you were right, you
were just being yourself...and i guess i'm just tired
of it always coming back around to this-you needing so
much attention, me being jealous, me slowly disliking
everyone else partly because of the way you act around
them and partly because of the way they act around
you...and mostly just because they are stupid...and
i'm just out of the loop and idk

she says:
i know what you mean. we do this a lot and each time it hurts so much.
i don't want to hurt you, and i don't want to get hurt. if you
want to stop 'us' i'd understand. but i wouldn't want to lose you.

he says:
what does that mean? you want us to just be friends?

she says:
i don't want it, it's just that we do this every week and it's not helping
anything. i don't want to fight anymore, i dont want to be jealous, i dont
want you to be jealous. but it might be best for both of us.

he says:
i guess i agree
and just to get things straight...this is breaking up, right?
just dont say these things for my reaction...i mean if
this is what we're going to do then fine, but don't
say it and then want to take it back later ...i dont
mean for it to sound threatiningly but i dont know how
else to put it...do u understand?

she says:
yes, it is. and no, this isn't for reaction.
just please..don't hate me? i need you.

he says:
ok, thats fine ...i really can't think of what else to
say...and i don't want you to think i'm ignoring
you...so i'll just send this ...

she says:
just please still be my friend
if you disappear it'll break my heart ><
i love you

he says:
i've just got to figure out how to be just your
friend...so that might take some time...and don't say
you love me..ok

he is broken