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Here are some fun and useful sites that you guys might find helpful for getting through the Second Grade.

References and Search Engines

Fact Monster  This site provides lots of useful information that students can use for every subject.  It includes atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.  The site also provides help in specific subjects such as science and math and offers homework help.  Sports information as well as quizzes and games are included also.

Ask Jeeves for Kids This search engine is filtered to provide a child-friendly way for kid's to search for information online.  It allows students to type in any questions that they may have.

Word Central  From Merriam-Webster, this site lets students easily look up words.  Students can even build their own dictionary of words that they find challenging.

News for Kids

Kids Newsroom This site provides a twice monthly publication of current events articles that are easy for students to understand.  This site also includes Weekly News, World News, Sports, and Entertainment sections.

Fun Stuff

Scholastic Kids  This site provides students with educational games and fun quizzes and puzzles.  It also contains a section for books recommended for students and a "Homework Hub" to help students develop their writing and organization.

Fun Brain This interactive website provides educational games for students in Math, Reading and Science for grades ranging from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.  It also contains arcade games and an Entertainment Center for students as well.

The Learning Site This site, from Harcourt School Publishers, provides students with fun interactive games for all subjects and grade levels.



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