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With the growing number of students with learning disabilities, it is important to understand what learning disabilities are, how they can affect your child's learning and ways in which assistive technology can help your child.

The following sites will answer questions such as:

What is a learning disability?


How can I tell if my child has a learning disability?


What are different types of learning disabilities?


What type of assistive technology is available to help my child?


How can I help at home?

What is a Learning Disability?

About Learning Disabilities This site discusses the major topics of learning disabilities and provides information about what a learning disability is, early warning signs of a learning disability, and strategies for improving abilities.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities This site begins with "Sara's Story" and describes Sara's struggles with reading and writing that many parents can relate to.  Following, the site goes into about what a learning disability is, the signs of learning disabilities, and tips for parents and teachers.

Teaching LD: Understanding Learning Disabilities This site provides parents with more of an understanding of learning disabilities and what they are.  It is particularly beneficial in that it lists common questions that may exist and provides answers for these questions. 

Learning Disabilities in Mathematics

LD Online: Math This site concentrates specifically on learning disabilities in mathematics.  It provides links for articles on dyscalculia, questions and answers, along with further resources.

SchwabLearning: Math Disabilities - An Overview This site provides a general overview of what a disability in math is and the areas in which are affected due to the disability. 

Learning Disabilities in Reading and Writing

LD Online: Reading This portion of the site concentrates on reading and dyslexia and provides links for articles about learning disabilities in reading.  Also, there are links for recommended books and common questions that may exist.

Learning Disabilities Association: Dyslexia This site provides a list of signs and symptoms for students that may have a learning disability in reading.  Also, this site discusses strategies that may be utilized to help improve these readers.

SchwabLearning: Dysgraphia This site provides a general overview of what dysgraphia is and the symptoms and warning signs of dysgraphia.  It also discusses the strategies that can be utilized in order to help students with dysgraphia.

Assistive Technology for Students With Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies This site provides a wealth of information about assistive technology for students with learning disabilities.  It gives a general overview of learning disabilities and the importance of assistive technology as well as a list of different assistive technology for learning disabilities in specific areas.

SchwabLearning: A Parent's Guide to Helping Kids with Learning Difficulties This site defines what assistive technology for kids with learning disabilities is and offers a list of assistive technology for specific areas such as listening, math, organization and memory, reading and writing.

AT and Learning Disabilities This site provides general links for different types of assistive technology, what assistive technology is and how it can be beneficial for students with learning disabilities.

Assistive Technology (AT) For Individuals with Learning Disabilities This site provides general facts about assistive technology and a list of appropriate assistive technology along with information about assistive technology along with IEPs.

Parent Strategies & Resources for Helping at Home

National Center for Learning Disabilities This site provides parents with an opportunity to participate in live online discussions about important issues regarding students with learning disabilities.  It also provides parents with general information about learning disabilities and different accommodations and modifications for students.

Family Education: Learning Disabilities This site provides an introduction to learning disabilities, quizzes that can test your knowledge of learning disabilities, and strategies for how parents can help as well as many other useful links.

Learning Disabilities: Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Causes This site also provides general information about learning disabilities, types of learning disabilities, and how it is diagnosed.  It also provides a "References and resources" section that offers links for parents that contain articles about dealing with children with learning disabilities.

University of Michigan: Learning Disabilities This site not only provides parents with general information about learning disabilities, but offers sections about early intervention for their child and strategies to help their child in school.  There is also a section that contains recommended books for parents to learn more about learning disabilities.



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