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January 11, 2004

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SOCCER ace David Beckham has sacked all 12 of his Real Madrid bodyguards after he suspected them of betraying his secrets. The final straw came when Becks was told the minders - several of whom used to work for Cuban leader Fidel Castro - had used his name to order top cars.

Security chief Delfin Fernandez (circled), who once spied on film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson for his Communist bosses, and his team were sacked.

The tough Cubans had looked after England captain Becks round the clock after his pounds 25 million move to Real Madrid in Spain last year. But a source said: "David suspectedthey were up to no good. He wasn't sure but decided he couldn't work with them any more." Wife Victoria was delighted to see the back of the macho Latinos.

The former Spice Girl claimed they were always eyeing her up when she wore skimpy outfits. One source said:"Victoria didn't like that. She didn't think it was respectful enough. The minders weresupposed to be looking out for trouble - not staring at her body."

Beckham's trusted British bodyguards still work for him and they are now taking over more Spanish duties until replacements can be found.

The Cubans have vehemently denied leaking stories about the soccer star or using his name to get cars.

Fernandez admitted he had been approached by paparazzi, who follow 28-year-old Becks everywhere. But he insisted that he had always turned down their lucrative cash offers to spill the beans.

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