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Death Come Guild

This Guild

GUILD RULES:Officers are only allowed 2 invited permonth all after that must be talked through with Orr suvivor or myself. :All Members we are a family of friends if a good drop comes around for a guild members class give it to him/her for little or no cost and he will do the same for you when the time comes around and i will help anytime and help one another and we all must learn to gain are own money so i will very raely give out free cash.Besides that kickass and have fun and once we get to lvl 20 we will be fighting for the blessing for the gods and are country! Leader:Range of Winds Officers:Losst Ssoul Hook Em Windson Trueshot Members:Loki Elvishpiper Magic Handz King Aquaruirs Luthor Bloodfist Zak Ender Desan Lich Litty Bitty Lissa


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