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Ordering Information

The minimum order of our coca berries (Erythroxylum novogranatense var. Novogranatense) is US$50 for 1 (one) pack of 20 seeds, excluding shipping cost.

By default, our shipping method is Express Mail Service (EMS), unless for countries that are not served by EMS. Estimate delivery via EMS is 6-7 workdays (plus tracking). Please let us know your destination country, as the shipping cost varies by destination country. (PS: Sorry, we don't ship to Malaysia, Argentina, Indonesia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen and Serbia.)

If you have a special request for shipment other than EMS (such as DHL), feel free to contact us for availability and shipping cost.

Our coca berries are picked when ripe, packed in humid sphagnum moss and put inside a small puppet to conceal them.

The germination percentage normally varies between 60%-80%, but in the worst case, you can return any seeds that fail to germinate for free replacement (you'll probably need to cover the shipping cost).

All orders must be made directly by email. Email us at dbotany@gmail.com for detailed instructions on how to send payment for your order. Please make sure to mention your destination country. Kindly wait for up to 2 days to receive our reply.

Currently we accept 3 payment methods: Western Union Transfer, Moneygram Money Transfer, and Bitcoin.

Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT)

Visit the closest Western Union agent in your area to send money in person. Email us first to get the WUMT receiver details and the total amount to send.

Moneygram Money Transfer (MG)

This method is similiar to Western Union and the transfer cost is generally cheaper. Email us to get the MG receiver details and visit the closest MG agent in your area.


Free transfer cost, more privacy. Please email us for our Bitcoin receiver account details and the total amount in Bitcoin (XBT) currency to transfer.

How to Order

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