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My Personal Experience with Coca

Growing rare and exotic plants is fun and adventurous. You can feel your passion flowing from day to day as those plants grow taller and bigger. By doing so, you also help conserve rare, threatened, and endangered species from around the globe. This page is dedicated to knowledge-sharing and selling of a exotic tropical plant called the Erythroxylum novogranatense [Java Coca, Colombian Coca, Novo], which is one of the two species of coca with cocaine alkaloids content in their leaves. (Click here to find out the differences between E. coca and E.novogranatense).

The reason why I'm growing this plant is because some years ago I read an old book about coca. From the book, I knew that the alkaloid in the leaves can suppress fatigue and hunger. It was said that after chewing the leaves, someone will feel very good sensation in stomach, as if having a good meal and thus he/she will be able to walk for hours without desire for food. The book inspired me so much to search for this plant back in 1999. And I was lucky to find this plant grown in a neighbour town about 4 hour drive from my town.

It was located in huge botanical garden with fantastic tropical rainforest plants all around. There I saw the MOTHERBUSH. And that was the first time I saw coca plants with my own eyes. Under permission from the guy who took care of the plants (and some bucks for buying him "cigarette") I picked a handful of leaves and some ripe seeds, put them in my pocket and then I continued on my seed hunting walk. Along the walk, I could not resist chewing the leaves. What happened after I chewed the leaves was a unique experience. The leaves had a unique taste which I cannot describe in words. You have to try it yourself. It was not sweet, not sour and not bitter. Maybe it was slightly bitter but certainly more rich than that. A few minutes ater chewing, my tongue and inner part of cheek started to feel "thick" and less sensitive. It must be due to the anaesthetic effects I had read about.

I continued my walk along paths of that huge botanical garden, under hot and humid weather. I collected seeds and cuttings from early morning until almost sunset without getting any food and yet I didn't feel starved or exhausted. My mind was fully alert and conscious when I went back home with some ripe seeds in my pocket. Since I have planted them, they have been growing like crazy so I have to prune them sometimes. Now I have the plants in my hand-reach, but I have never been addicted. Yes I chew the leaves sometimes, but no, chewing the leaves doesn't make me addicted. I never produce cocaine out of the leaves, as I'm a big fan of the Incans, and I'm a planthusiast not a cocainthusiast. I hope you all can follow their noble way by showing respect to this plant, which is one of the God's gifts for us.

The photo #3 above (click on the picture to enlarge) is my masterpiece of the Eryhtroxylum novogranatense. This picture was taken in January 2003 when it was about 3 years old and 1 m tall. The motherbush (photo #4) is about ten years old, 2.25 m tall and it produces fruits year-round.

I am proudly selling the seeds of this plant. Send me email ( dbotany@gmail.com ) if you have any questions or if you want to order the seeds. I only give my personal details via e-mail. Fresh seeds are available anytime of year, and I ship orders worldwide. I also don't know about the legality of growing this plant in US or Europe, as I'm not the citizen of both.

Plant Descriptions

Botanical Name : Eryhtroxylum novogranatense var. Novogranatense
Common Names : Java Coca, Colombian Coca, Novo
Distribution : South America, Java Island of Indonesia,Srilanka
Constituents : cocaine, cinnamylcocaine, tropacocaine, etc.
How to Order : Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin (Email dbotany@gmail.com for more details)
Price : $50 USD for a pack of 20 seeds (excluding shipping)
Packing : Fresh berries, packed in moist sphagnum moss, concealed inside small puppet (see here)
Shipping Method : EMS (6-7 workdays estimate delivery plus tracking)
Seed Germination : Usually 60%-80%. But if you're not happy with the germination rate, feel free to return any bad seeds for free replacement (contact us by e-mail first)


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