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The New Era

It has been 1,000 years since the last God War, a brutal battle that ravaged the entire Universe for years. The forces of good and evil clashed in a constant struggle for dominance. The Gods, with their almighty omnipotence, fought against each other for supremacy and the DemonKings who wanted nothing more than to inflict pain and suffering into every being and annihilate those who opposed them...

Two powerhouse's fought on until the end, one, a soul who had sworn to protect all that is good, innocent and pure in the Universe and the other, who wished for nothing more than to control everything, if not just for his twisted enjoyment, claiming the entire Universe for his own and eradicating those who got in his way. A gargantuan final battle took place, the energies that were released here created cataclysmic and dire consequences that shaped the future of the Universe... forever.

Many warriors lost their lives to protect the Universe, entire planets, civilizations and galaxies wiped out in the blink of an eye. Some died trying to claim it, and some were said to have escaped the onslaught and wrath and somehow survived... hiding away in the Universe somewhere until the day comes when they will resurface to a new, an unusual and divergent Universe.

Now, in the dawn of a new era many regard this is as legend. A myth told by those who have had the knowledge passed down to them from generation to generation until it was so diluted that no-one considered it to be true. There are some however that do hold the truth, and know exactly what happened in that fateful battle.

A new future, a new Universe, is yours for the taking... Lost civilizations replaced by new ones and newly discovered warriors will forever alter the future. Who knows what the corners of the cosmos will unravel, what secrets lay dorment... Will you seize this opportunity for a new beginning and strive for a better future? Or will you claim the reigns of destiny for your own, do what has tried to be done before but succeed! Obtain the power of the Gods and rule this Universe with an iron fist, strike fear into the hearts of all who resist your ascendancy... Bewarned, there are already those who seek to do just this and will crush anybody who gets in their way.

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