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Dragonball: Alpha & Omega

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The New Era

It has been 1,000 years since the last God War, a brutal battle that ravaged the entire Universe for years. The forces of good and evil clashed in a constant struggle for dominance. The Gods, with their almighty omnipotence, fought against each other for supremacy and the DemonKings who wanted nothing more than to inflict pain and suffering into every being and annihilate those who opposed them...

Two powerhouse's fought on until the end, one, a soul who had sworn to protect all that is good, innocent and pure in the Universe and the other, who wished for nothing more than to control everything, if not just for his twisted enjoyment, claiming the entire Universe for his own and eraditcating those who got in his way. A gargantuan final battle took place, the energies that were released here created cataclysmic and dire consequences that shaped the future of the Universe... forever.

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This website is not an official Dragoball Z / GT website, but is a text based rpg loosley based around the Dragonball series. Another huge inspiration for creating this site was DBT: Reign of Destruction.

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