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Update on Hasan's Condition

Here I've been worrying and fretting with no sleep and not eating all these weeks (last nite was the first nite I've gotten a decent nite's sleep) and he sounds normal today!! He's clearing his throat a bit but that's pretty trivial in light of what he's been through. That epidural is working wonders. He's in zero pain. I sort of figured the tumor was the size of a grapefruit and he told me that it indeed was the size of a softball (relatively the same size)!! So he's doing excellently. The nurse was getting him to eat and walk around so he had to hang up. Before that, I asked him "do you feel like something bad has been removed?" and he said "definitely, I feel a lot better". I guess the nurses here in Tyler Hospital were right, you really can live with part of a lung. I guess it's why God gave us two of them. These nurses did tell me that most pain in this type of surgery comes 2-3 days afterwards so we'll be praying that it doesn't affect him. I guess we won't know how much it affects his range of motion with the right arm until this is healed. We are still going to have to wait several days for the biopsy on this thing so let's hope and pray that he is not going to need chemotherapy, preferably not even radiation.