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Dallas Area Gangs
Thursday, 28 December 2006

There is a lot of gangs in Dallas that people are not aware about. This is a list of some gangs in the Dallas area. These come from the gang-book of DPD.This is a complete list of the Known Gangs.
The list as follows-

North West Dallas:
North Side Varrio 13 (NVS13)
North Side Locos 13 (NLS13)
Webb Chappel Crips
Little Mexico Gangsters
O.G. North Side Crips
Nortenos 14
Harry Hines Players 13
Locos Del Norte 13
North Side Bloods
Mara 18
18th Street
Crazy Lil' Locos 13
Maniac Latin Disciples
Latin Kings-North Side
Insane Mafia Locos 2
Oak Cliff Texas 13-North Side
Mexican Mafia
SUR 13
USR 13
Vagos 18 (VGS18)
Vatos Locos 13

North Dallas-
Varrio North Side 13
Insane Nazi Mafia (White North Dallas Gang)
Nazi G's

Southern Dallas-

Oak Cliff Area:
Hispanic Gangs-
South Side 13
Oak Cliff Texas 13 (OCTX3)
Vagos 18 (VGS18)
Darkside 18 (DKSX8)
Varrio Oak Cliff
Oak Cliff Surenos 13 (OCSX3)
Mara 18
18th Street
Deuce Mafia
Maniac Latin Disciples
Latin Kings-South Side
Vatos Locos 13
Crazy Ass Mexicans
Hampton Side Locos
Illinois Ave. Boyz
Los Angeles Street Boyz
Engle Blocc Boyz (Hispanic Crips Gang)
Engrove Boyz
Jefferson Blvd. Locos
Oak Cliff Vatos
The Playas 13
Park Woods Ese's 13
Oak Cliff Mafia (OCM)
Southerners X3 (Chicano Version of Sur X3)
Oak Cliff Pistol Boyz
United Souther Raza
Thugs 11 (TGS 11)

Black Gangs-
Ski Mask Click (SMC)
Shot Gun Crips
Kiest n Polk Crips
Bounty Hunter Bloods
Oak Cliff Crips
Cuzz Texas
Blood Texas
Hampton Crips
Croccer Hill Crips
South Side Bloods
O.G. OC Bloods
Park Woods Bloods
Cliff Manor Gangsters
Bahama Crips
Neighborhood Crips
Oakland 44 Bloods
Black Gangster Disciples
5-0 Guerillas
Chronicc Smoccers
Kiest Parcc Crips
Kiest Parkk Bloods
Pecan Parcc Crips
Compton Crips (Direct connections to Los Angeles)

South Dallas-
Oakland 44 Bloods
Cuzz Texas
Pleasent Gangsters
Crazy Azz Niggas
5-0 Guerillas
Black Thugs
Black Locs
Black Guerillas
South Side
Pop Pop Crips
Knocc You Out Boyz
Blood Texas
MLK O.G.'s
South Side Ghetto
Hood Rich Gangsters
Underground Nigga Crips (UNC)
One Shot Killaz
The Assassins
Cymbal Drive
Oak Cliff Texas X3
Fair Park Bloods
Project Boyz
Neighborhood Crips
Dallas Crips

West Dallas-
Alameda Gangster Crips
West Sidaz
Varrio West Side
5-0 Guerillas
Cymbal Drive
Shot Gun Crips
Original Gangsters
West Side Boyz
Varrio Crips(Black-Hispanic Gangs)
Boyz From The Hood
Thugz 11
Project Boyz
Los Altos Boyz
Mara 18
Mexican Click
Zaragoza Park Boyz
Best of the West

Pleasent Grove/East Dallas-
Black Gangs-
Underground Nigga Crips
Duke Boyz
Cymbal Drive
East Side Crips
Young Crips
PG Crips
PG Bloods
East Sidaz
Grove Boyz
Knock You Out Boyz
Ghetto Boyz

Hispanic Gangs-
Pleasent Grove Vatos
El Varrio
Varrio Original
Mi Gente
Mara 18

Posted by planet/dallas_gangs at 12:17 PM CST
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