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Security key password can be installed for user selective RTA and EQ memory protection and unattended


Crossfade feature
Crossfade feature to fade between two settings and stereo link facility to synchronize both channels


High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life and durability



1- Ultra-musical dual 31-band graphic equalizer with “true frequency response” characteristics

2- Low/high/bell shelving tool with variable slope (3 - 30 dB)

3- Real time analyzer with peak hold, variable integration, cursor read-out and 10 user-memories

4- Automatic room equalization using microphone input and internal noise generator

5- Additional 6 bands of fully parametric equalizer/notch filter with up to 1/60th octave bandwidth

6- Integral fully automatic feedback destroyer with intelligent signal analyzer for ultra-fast feedback

7- Integral digital “brick wall” limiter protects against any clipping and dangerous sound pressure levels

8- Integral digital noise gate with BEHRINGER’s unique IRC (Interactive Ratio Control)

9- Integral delay with up to 2.5 seconds delay time selectable in milliseconds, meter and feet

10- Ultra-accurate level peak meter with peak hold and selectable reference levels (+4 dBu/-10 dBV/DIG MAX)

11- Full MIDI parameter and snapshot control for realtime editing

12- Free EQ-Design software allows for total remote control via PC (download at

13- 100 user memories can be stored under any alphabetic name. Memory backed by a long-life battery

14- 24-bit AES/EBU interface for digital inputs and outputs at 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz (optional)

15- Large high-resolution LCD graphic display with high-contrast LED backlight

16- Servo-balanced inputs and outputs on gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors for high signal integrity

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