Rating: NC-17 PWP
Warnings: Excessive smut. Wait. There’s no such thing as excessive smut. Enough smut, yes. But not excessive.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Spike or Xander. I just like to play with them. They’re like dolls. I get to put them in fun positions.
Dedication: To Babychick, Carrie’s unborn child. Because Carrie’s my muse, so that makes you my muse too. Which means I can have two. Which rocks. And to S/X Shipper on Nummytreats, since it was your birthday, and I didn’t get you anything.
Consider this a belated pressie. And to everyone on the lists. Since, I mean, I AM sending it out to y’all. There’s gonna be crossposts, and for that I apologize. Meh. Pairing: S/X, Spike’s POV
Summary: It’s pointless, people. I’m not even trying to do a plot here. It’s all about the smut. Because I LIKE smut. And I felt we needed some fluff.


Robin the Crossover Junkie

I don’t know how we got here. One minute we were arguing in his apartment, he was kicking me out after I said something nasty about the ex-demon bint, even after he left her, and now we’re kissing. Go figure. I run my tongue along the inside of his mouth, pushing it past his teeth, and the fiery passion between us flared up from nothing to an inferno within the space of a second. I run my hands up under his shirt, touching that golden, hot skin, rubbing my fingertips over his small nipples, rolling them between my thumb an index finger on each hand. He whimpers a little into my mouth, and I start to smile. Such a lovely young man.

I start to kiss my way down his jaw, to his neck, as he gasps for breath. I left him breathless. Bloody right, I’m an animal!

“Xander…pet, do you really want this?” I ask. Why did I ask? Such a big mouth. I shouldn’t have said anything.

“No,” he gasps. And I was right. Fleetingly I consider ignoring him, because I can feel his hardness against my thigh. But I know, any young human male can be horny, without actually wanting to fuck the person that made them horny. Hormones and such. But barring the fact that if I could rape the boy without a blinding headache I’d have my ass handed to me on the end of a stake by his lovely bitch of a slayer, I don’t WANT to. I don’t actually want to hurt him. Why? Because I’m a bloody poof, that’s why.

So I do the chivalrous thing and start to step back, not really looking him in the eye. I look at his red, swollen mouth, memorizing it because that kiss was HOT. “Right,” I say.

Then, he grabs the hem of my T-shirt and pulls it up over my head in one smooth motion. “I want THIS,” he says, running his hands across my chest. I groan when his fingers flick a nipple, then dive back in for that lovely mouth.

I trail kisses down his jaw again. “Not nice to tease, pet,” I tell him between kisses.

“Then you’d better quit teasing,” he grits out, and I can’t help but laugh. Cheeky bastard.

I decide that the best way to shut him up, since nothing else seems to work, is to kiss him again, fully and roughly. So I do. His tongue is in my mouth, and I can taste his warm, human heat. Okay, so maybe I didn’t do it to shut him up.

His heat burns me. Tender and passionate, his hands are on my shoulders, caressing up to my neck and then down to my biceps and back up again.

I’m suddenly flat on my back, wondering how I got there, on the floor, with him on his knees, straddling me. Our mouths didn’t break apart. I would have noticed the sudden lack of heat in my mouth, and I didn’t, so it must not have happened.

He groans low in his chest, and my eyes roll back in my head as he grinds his hips into my aching cock. Even my jeans and his aren’t thick enough to block out his burning heat. He’s like a flame.

I guess that makes me a moth.

I flip him over and under me, taking advantage of my vampire status. Then I’m licking my way down his neck, desperate to taste more.

“Cheater,” he whispers, eyes screwed shut in ecstasy.

“Yeah, prob’ly,” I murmur against his nipple. I’m sucking at it through his shirt, and I can feel it budding with arousal under my ministrations.

Lovely. Lovely boy. He’s gasping as I lazily thrust my hips against him, creating just enough friction to drive us both crazy, but not enough to push us over.

I’m not finished yet, by any means.

His hands are on my ass. And he’s squeezing. It feels bloody good.

“You’ve got too many clothes on, luv. Get ‘em off,” I tell him, before biting his lower lip gently. He responds with a loud moan and a whole-hearted kiss.

Since he doesn’t seem to be complying with my not-so-polite request, I take matters into my own hands. Within seconds, his shirt is torn to unrecognizable pieces and his too-baggy jeans are around his ankles. He laughs through his gasps for air for a moment. “While you’re at it, get rid of yours, too,” he chuckles, sucking at my neck.

Yeah, because I’m capable of thought when he does that. Bastard.

Somehow, though, I manage to get naked as well, and then I sit up. I just look at him. Golden skin, flushed with red blood, and so damned hot. I can feel the fire and heat of him without even touching him.

Wait. Why am I not touching him? Before I even have time to process the thought, I’m on him, our mouths meeting in his fire, and it’s consuming me too. The heat spreads from him to my entire body, and I’m mindless for him. This human boy I hated not too long ago, and I can’t get enough of his touches, his skin, his everything.

So hot. I touch him and my skin burns. It spreads through all my dead nerve endings, jumpstarting them back to life with the fire in his blood.

“Shut up and fuck me, Fangface,” Xander mutters around the ear he’s chewing on. Oh. Guess I must have said that bit out loud.

The embarrassment flees as I realize what he just said. I stare into his eyes, making sure. His warm brown eyes are burning, too. I think he means it. “Got lube?” I ask quickly.

“No. Can we use something else?”

“Anything slippery, pet,” I say, looking around the room frantically.

“Lotion?” Xander’s asking me questions, with his burning hand wrapped around my dick. Like he thinks I can make any intelligent noises other than the tiny gasps and high pitched moans.

I can nod though. And I do so, vigorously.

“Works for me,” Xander gasps as I latch my mouth onto his neck and nibble gently. Finally, he lurches up, stands quickly to get the lotion, and promptly falls flat on his face. His pants were still around his ankles.

I can’t help but laugh. The big, passionate love scene, and Xander “Monkeyboy” Harris falls flat on his face. He’s laughing too, though, so I know he won’t be mad at me. I can’t help it. It was funny.

Finally, we stop laughing, but he’s still got a goofy smile on his face. I move closer and press my lips to his, gently. My tongue gently probes at his soft, swollen lips, and the kiss is tender. The fire is still burning in both of us, but it’s gentler now. Not so wild. Manageable.

“Lotion, Xander?” I sigh against his lips, and he nods slowly. Reaches up his arm blindly into the drawer, and pulls out a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care. He leaves the drawer open and hands me the bottle. His lips are still attached to mine, slowly burning away everything but him.

Finally, I pull away enough so I can look into his hot eyes, and I smile gently.

“Gotta lie down, luv,” I tell him, nuzzling his jaw a little.

He slowly leans back until he’s on his back, and I grab a sofa cushion and place it under his hips. Then I stare.

He’s a beautiful young man, and even more beautiful like this. Hot and spread out for me, naked and willing. For me.

“Quit staring and get to it already,” Xander grits out, and I smirk. One eyebrow raises at him, and I know this look is sexy. That’s why I do it at all. He whimpers, and suddenly I’m pulled down so I’m on him, and we’re kissing. His legs spread further apart, and he thrusts his hips up at me. I can feel the precum from his throbbing cock on my skin as he brushes the head against my abdomen. His thighs rub against my own erection, and I grunt at the feel of the light hairs and the burning heat.

I love humans. They’re so bloody fucking warm.

The lotion bottle is a pump action bottle, so I can get lotion onto my fingers with just one hand. That’s very good, because the other hand is busy burrowing through Xander’s thick, dark hair, clenching against his hot scalp.

When my fingers are slick, I move them down between his cheeks, and I slather his opening. I’m not trying to enter him yet, just teasing. For a little while.

The second my fingers make contact with his tight entrance, though, he moans loudly, shudders, and almost comes. The only thing stopping him is my quick thinking. I quickly grab his cock, at the base, and squeeze just enough to keep him hard and wanting. Because I want him wanting when I thrust into him fully for the first time.

“God, Spike, please, now, anything, please, God, yes, in, please, in…” Xander’s breathless litany of mindless words brings a smile to my lips and an urgency to my fingers. I gently press one into him, and he’s open for me already. No fear, my Xander. I loosen him a little, because he’s still virgin tight, and then add a second finger, He’s thrusting back into my hand, causing the digits to enter deeper and deeper. A third finger goes in smoothly, and I think he’s ready. I can feel his heat through my entire hand, and I really hope he is ready because I don’t think I can wait.

So I poise myself at his entrance, and I see hot eyes staring up at me, begging me to enter him, be inside him, and I always was a sucker for brown eyes. So I gently push the head of my cock into him, and he’s bloodyfuckingtight and firehotfireburninghot and I think I could come just from this. But he’s keening, wailing, wanting more, and who am I to deny my golden boy?

So I push a little further, further, further, until I’m deeply rooted into him and I can feel my balls against his flesh and it feels so damned good I never want to leave.

Then I’m thrusting, and he’s thrusting back, and his heat is burning me up from the inside, and it’s traveling through my veins at a pace I’ve never felt before. Suddenly he jerks once, twice, and screams louder than I’ve ever heard him make noise, and then I feel his hot essence on my belly and it pushes me harder, and I’m thrusting and grunting and crying out his name and he’s so bloody hot. He spreads through my body like a wildfire, burning everything in me until I’m a hollow shell, but for the first time I feel completely full, because I’m inside him, and I’m coming, and it’s burning us both into cinder and ash.

The End

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