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Virgin Bride

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Part One
Unholy Matrimony With a Side of Versace

Xander’s palms are sweaty. He’s letting Willow tie his bow tie as he swallows nervously. He feels as though at any moment he could vomit, and he hopes Willow has the reflexes to move out of the way so that he doesn’t do so on her pretty emerald dress. He remembers when he was going to marry Anya, the color of dress she had Willow, Tara, Buffy, Dawn and Halfrek wear as her bridesmaids. Since he isn’t a froofy girl, he allowed his own “bridesmaids” to pick out the dresses for themselves. Willow had chosen a lovely green silk dress with tiny straps and a plunging V-shaped neckline and a hem that swished just below her knees. If he wasn’t about to marry a male vampire, and if she wasn’t dating a pretty brunette named Kennedy, he’d probably be drooling over the way she looked in the dress. As it is, his mouth is dry with nerves, and his vision is blurring slightly. Willow finishes the tie and smiles at him reassuringly.

“All ready for your big day, Xan?” she asks gently.

“Does the big day involve puking on Buffy’s dress?” He asks queasily as she pats his cool, clammy cheek. Buffy comes up behind them, rolling her eyes as she pats her hair smooth against her head.

“I don’t know how you can be so nervous, Xander. I mean, really, you’re only about to marry a male vampire in front of all your friends and family, in my backyard at 9:00 p.m. What do you have to be nervous about?” she teases, smoothing her long, backless peach lace dress across her flat stomach. Willow sends her a withering glare, but Buffy just grins back. She’s enjoying tormenting Xander far too much.

“It’s almost time, guys,” Dawn says, coming into the room, looking at Xander’s white tuxedo with a sappy smile on her face. Her dress is strapless lavender satin, with flowers embroidered around the bottom of her long A-line skirt.

“This is so exciting. You know, I’ve never been a bridesmaid before. I was a bride, but we all know how that ended up,” Anya says pointedly from the corner, where she was fingering the flowers of the subtle bouquet of blood-red roses Xander would be carrying. The color of the roses is only slightly darker than the chiffon of her short dress. She adjusts the peasant-like sleeves and turns to face the rest of the room’s occupants.

“God, Xan, you look so classy in a tux. Wait till you see Spike. You’re gonna…” Dawn’s gushing is cut off as Buffy spins around to glare at her sister.

“He’s not supposed to know what Spike looks like before the wedding,” she says to the younger Summers. Dawn rolls her eyes.

“I’m just saying he looks hot. Him and Xander both. I mean, Spike’s tux is really hot, but I like Xander’s better. Virgin white,” she says with a smirk, “for the virgin bride.”

Xander can feel his face redden, and wonders if Spike will enjoy the fact that all of his blood is in the top half of his body.

“You know, technically Xander isn’t really a virgin. I don’t think he should be wearing white,” Anya frowns. Willow rolls her eyes at the ex-demon.

“Yeah, he’s slept with girls, but in the whole guy sex thing he’s…” Willow caught sight of Dawn, and stopped. “I think it’s almost time for the actual wedding, right?” she says suddenly, changing the subject. Xander’s blush is even more pronounced.


Spike paces the room again. He can hear Xander and the girls talking across the house, but he can’t hear well enough to make out what they’re saying. He wishes that they could just bloody well get on with it, so he could take his Xander home and finally shag him.

He sighs to himself. That’s not what this is about. Well, okay, that’s what the short engagement period was about, but not what the wedding’s about. The wedding is about Spike showing Xander how much he really does love him. Spike growls at himself for being such a poof. He growls at Angel when his sire chuckles at him.

“Spike, if I may ask, are you nervous about this?” Giles asks, straightening his tie.

“Not bloody likely,” Spike growls, not slowing his pacing. Clem puts up a hand to stop the blonde vampire, who growls low in his chest. Clem smiles brightly. “Relax, Spike. I just wanna…” Clem reached forward and straightened Spike’s tie. “There. I figured, you know, not having a reflection and all, I’d straighten that for you.”

“Thanks,” Spike growls, continuing his pacing.

“Do stop growling,” Giles says, pinning a small red rose to his lapel before turning and handing Clem and Angel their own roses.

“I think someone’s a little nervous about the wedding night,” Clem sings cheerfully. Spike growls.

“Am not. I’m not a blushing virgin, you pillock,” he says between clenched teeth. No, he wasn’t, but Xander is. And Spike has been so horny, and unable to find any real relief, that he wonders if he’ll last only a few seconds and be unable to make it any good for his lover. For his husband-to-be. Or is that bride-to-be? Spike is confused. He had proposed to Xander, one night just after they had dusted a vampire on patrol. They’d gone back to Xander’s apartment and spent hours kissing and groping one another. Spike had hoped at least the clothing would come out that time, but he was not to be satisfied in that regard. They had both climaxed, by the frenzied strokes of one another’s hands, but Spike hadn’t gotten to see an inch of his lovely boy’s skin.

Xander is shy. Whether it’s about sex with a guy or sex with him, or just nakedness in general, Spike isn’t sure. He just knows he wants tonight to be perfect for the young man, and if they never get to the bloody end of the bloody aisle that is never bloody going to bloody happen!

Clem glances out of the room, and sees Dawn headed up the stairs to see Xander, and he turns around with a wide grin.

“It’s time, buddy boy! You’re about to get hitched!”

Spike suddenly can’t breathe. Which should be fine, since he’s a vampire and doesn’t have to breathe, but he feels like his bow tie is too tight. His hand slips up to try and loosen it before he can stop it, and he glares at Angel when the older vampire smirks at him.

“Feeling a little nervous?” Angel asked, knowing the younger vampire is, but will never admit it.

“No. Bloody monkey suits. Can’t wait till this bloody thing is over and I can get it off.” He pulls on the sleeves of his pure black tuxedo, smoothing it and straightening it before he takes a deep breath and heads out to the backyard, lit with overhead lamps. He goes straight through the white archway Xander built for the event, and up to the pulpit, where Cordelia is standing behind a white podium, also crafted by Xander, wearing a black Versace tuxedo dress. She looks at the groom and his attendants, Angel, Giles and Clem, as they come up the aisle after him, with an impatient glare, then rolls her eyes as she continues to wait for the “bride” to come up so they could get this over with.


Anya steps forward and hands Xander the bouquet, grinning encouragingly at him. Dawn, as the flower girl, picks up her basket of white rose petals and leaves the room to go stand at the end of the “aisle”, outside, under the pretty white archway. She smiles at the small crowd gathered in the evening light, then turns to make sure the rest of the group is behind her. She sees that they are, and begins walking forward slowly as the music begins.

Xander swallows roughly. This is it. He’s about to get married. For real, this time, although not legally, to a male vampire.

But it’s a male vampire who loves him, and that makes all the difference. He smiles nervously at Willow, who squeezes his arm reassuringly. Anya heads down the aisle after Dawn, followed by Buffy. Willow gives him one last smile before heading that way herself, and Xander takes a deep breath, stepping out the door and into the archway. He stops as his eyes lock with Spike’s and suddenly his breath is taken away again. But this time, it isn’t nerves that causes it.


Spike can only stare. Xander is standing in the white arch, wearing a white tuxedo, and looking at him with such love that Spike can only try and return that love through his own stare. Xander looks lovely, all bright and white. A true white-hat. Suddenly, Xander grins and begins walking toward the pulpit, where the girls have taken their positions across from Spike, Clem, Angel and Giles. Spike smiles at his love, awaiting the next few moments with none of the nervousness he was so worried about before.

Xander makes it to the pulpit, and Spike steps forward to take his hand. They grin at one another, then turn to face Cordelia, who is standing at the pulpit, trying to look stern.

“We are gathered here today to witness the union of these two men. William The Bloody and Alexander LaVelle Harris have come together this evening to wed in unlawful, and pretty much unholy, matrimony. However, the Powers That Be haven’t as yet told me they shouldn’t, so we’re going to go through with it. Before they recite their vows, if any of you feel there is a reason they shouldn’t be married today, speak now so someone can throw your cranky ass out and we can have a happy wedding.” Cordelia pauses, glaring at each and every member of the small gathering, drawing out the silence. Someone coughs, and her eyes narrow as her head snaps to face them. Not another sound is made. Cordelia smiles brightly. “Great! Okay, you may recite the vows you wrote yourself instead of letting me write you something classy!” she says to the two men in front of her. Spike and Xander turn to face one another.

Spike speaks first. “I, Spike, William the Bloody, take you, Xander, to be my husband. Or wife. I’m still not quite sure how this works.”

“If you ever, ever call me your wife again, I’ll let Buffy and Cordy beat you up.” Spike’s eyes widen comically in fear at Xander’s hissed words, and he shakes his head to clear it.

“Right. Husband it is, then. Anyway. I promise to love and cherish you, honor but bloody well not obey you unless I want to, or you ask nicely and promise chocolate. I promise to be a kept vampire, and not kill all your friends in their sleep. I love you, Xander Harris, and you’re bloody well not going to get rid of me.”

Xander’s smile is soft and gentle, and his eyes are wide with gathering tears. Spike smiles lovingly at Xander, and waits to hear what Xander has written for his vows.

“We’ve known each other a long time, and the past year has been the best of them. When you asked me to marry you, I thought you were kidding. But I saw the look in your eyes, and it’s the look that made me say yes. Every time I look at you, I know all my love for you is in my eyes, and that’s what I see in your eyes, too. From this day on, I want to never see any other look in your eyes, and I promise to have the same one in mine. I love you, Spike. And you’d better not be easy to get rid of,” he adds with a smile. Cordy sniffles and wipes gingerly at her immaculately made up eyes.

“If you’ll exchange the rings,” she prompts professionally. Angel hands Spike a small black ring box, while Willow does the same for Xander. They both open the boxes and pull out matching rings. They are gold and silver with the infinity symbol wound into the gleaming metal. They place the rings on one another’s hands, not breaking eye contact.

“I now pronounce you Alexander LaVelle and William Spike Harris. You may kiss, but without any tongue because Dawn doesn’t need to see anymore than she already has,” Cordelia says, ignoring Dawn’s sharp protest as the two men kiss gently, to the applause of their gathered friends. Willow wipes at her eyes while Buffy and Dawn stand with their arms around each other. Spike and Xander walk back down the aisle, hand in hand, followed by Willow and Clem, Buffy and Angel, Anya and Giles, and Dawn and Cordelia. At the archway, they stop, and kiss again, this time Spike dipping his new husband low to the ground as their mouths meshed hotly. Dawn grins to herself as she watches this display, to the cheers of those gathered in the yard.

Part Two

Momma Never Told Me It Would Be Like This

The reception is going well. Willow and Clem give their perfunctory speeches, both recounting amusing events in Spike and Xander’s relationship, including the many attempts at killing one another and their first date, where they had gone to a karaoke bar and Spike had sung “White Wedding”, and Xander had sung “Wind Beneath My Wings” after a few too many beers. Willow giggles as she recounts how after Spike’s number, someone had come to ask him for an autograph, mistaking him for the real Billy Idol.

However, Spike wants to leave. The speeches are over, and now there is simply mingling and chatting. All he wants now is to go to the quaint little inn room they have rented for the night, and finally make love to his husband.

“Oi. Pet. Wanna get outta here?” he whispers into Xander’s ear. Xander’s heart picks up its pace at the breathy, low rumble in his ear. Spike’s voice is very sexy when he whispers, and Xander’s beginning to feel as though he, too, wants only to go to the inn and finally be with Spike. That makes him nervous, but he pushes it down, knowing Spike won’t hurt him tonight.

“Yeah. I think we can sneak out the back.” The newlyweds manage to leave the Summers home without being seen, and they get into Xander’s car to head to the inn.

When they walk in the room, it is decked out with Spike’s called-in specifications. There are what looks like a million white candles around the room, and red rose petals scattered among the floor and large, soft-looking bed.

Xander turns to his husband. “I think I married a romantic,” he says, brushing his lips gently over Spike’s cool ones. Spike purposely looks affronted. “But I won’t tell a soul,” Xander adds, leaning in for another kiss. Spike relents and plunges his tongue deep into his lover’s…his husband’s mouth. Xander moans at the welcome invasion, stepping forward so that the two men are touching throughout the lengths of their bodies.

Spike pushes his hips forward, grinding into Xander’s, and Xander feels the hardness of Spike’s arousal. The feeling thrills him, but it also causes some panic. He’s never done this before, and he doesn’t know how.

Spike’s nervous as well, but doing his best not to show it. He hasn’t had sex with anyone in as long as he can remember, and he wants to make this good for Xander. He’s afraid, though, that since he’s been denied so long, that he’ll go off like a shot and leave the poor young man without the full experience…something he definitely wants to give Xander.

Spike pushes his husband down on the petal-adorned bed, straddling him and kissing him passionately. The best defense is a good offense, he thinks to himself as he begins fumbling with Xander’s tie.

Xander is panting harshly. He’s excited, but so nervous he can’t really get into what’s going on, even though he’s involved. He likes that Spike’s kissing him and grinding against his hips, but he can’t enjoy the sensations because he's too busy being nervous about what's about to happen.

Spike finally stops concentrating on making Xander feel good and notices that while Xander is enjoying his ministrations, he’s obviously distracted. Spike sits up and looks at his husband inquisitively.

“Pet? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Spike. Really. It’s good,” Xander says, a little too quickly for Spike to believe him. Spike immediately gets off of Xander and sits beside the flushed, disheveled human on the bed.

“I think I married a liar,” Spike replies, quirking an eyebrow. Xander sighs and straightens his posture before looking down at his hands.

“Well…okay, it’s just that I’m a little nervous because I’ve never done this before, not with a guy, and I’m not sure what I should be doing, or what it’s going to feel like, and I’m worried that it’s going to hurt even though I know you’d never hurt me but I’m not sure what to expect here and you just sort of dove right in and if that’s how it’s going to be I need to be informed because I’m lost here and I don’t know what I’m doing…” Xander’s babble is cut off when Spike shoots forward and kisses him gently, cutting off the words.

Spike feels a little guilty. He was trying so hard to not think about how nervous he was that he didn’t see how nervous Xander was. He breaks the kiss and leans back.

“Sorry, love. Truth is, I’m nervous too.”

“You’re kidding, right? Big Bad immortal vampire who’s fucked how many people, and you’re nervous?”

“Yeah, git. Course I’m nervous. I haven’t shagged anyone in…well, since Anya, pretty much. Way back when.” He doesn’t want to bring up his little tryst with Anya a few years ago, but he’s pretty sure Xander’s over that by now. Or they wouldn’t have gotten married. “You’ve never shagged a bloke, and I want it to be good for you. But I’m so bloody horny. Not sure I can wait, you know?”

“So we’re both nervous wrecks. That’s just great,” Xander sighs. Spike grabs hold of his chin and raises his face so their eyes can meet.

“We’ll just take it slow then, yeah?” he suggests with a gentle smile. Xander nods, swallowing audibly. Spike leans forward and gently kisses Xander again, and Xander returns the kiss just as lovingly. He decides to put everything out of his mind, and just do what feels right. And what feels right, at the moment, is kissing his new husband.

Spike’s hands gently move to Xander’s shoulders, and his thumb extends to caress Xander’s jaw line. The contact causes Xander to shiver, and his own hands move to Spike’s waist, wrapping around the thin section of his husband.

Spike’s hands begin undressing Xander, gently and slowly, touching the warm skin as it’s revealed, but not yet looking. When Xander is shirtless, Spike’s fingers ghost across the hot, bronze flesh, raising goosebumps in their wake. Xander’s own hands begin pulling Spike’s shirt out of his pants, his hands skimming the pale, cool skin ravenously as his mouth begins to move with more ardour against his husband’s.

Spike’s mouth breaks away, only to skim nibbles and licks along Xander’s jaw, and down the column of his throat. His mouth works further down, until his tongue laves one hard little brown nipple. Xander’s back arches as his nails dig more forcefully into the smooth skin of Spike’s back, causing Spike to moan into Xander’s chest. The vibrations of that sound causes Xander to gasp, and Spike raises his head so they can both try to catch their breath.

Spike’s eyes focus on the naked chest in front of him. Xander’s skin isn’t flawless. It has small nicks in various places, probably from his day job as a construction foreman and his night job as a fighter of darkness. His skin glows richly in the candlelight, and his dark eyes glitter with desire. As Spike looks at his new husband, his strong, muscular chest, his smooth, imperfect, glowing skin, his flickering eyes, his powerful shoulders, his flat, smooth belly….the night almost comes to an end right then. Not that Spike worries whether he can get it up again, and quickly, for such a gorgeous specimen of man, but he wants his first orgasm of the night to be spent in Xander, or at least in sync with Xander’s. He takes a shaky breath and barks out a breathy chuckle. Xander lets out a laugh to match, and they simply look at each other for a moment. Finally, Xander leans forward, beginning to slowly unbutton Spike’s shirt.

Spike watches Xander’s face, not moving, not touching, while he does it. Xander’s eyes are unfocused, but his mouth and jaw are set in grim determination. Spike smiles mischievously, leans forward, and licks Xander’s skin, from collarbone to earlobe, and Xander’s head falls back as he groans. His head raises when Spike sits back, smirking at his husband. Xander narrows his eyes, and simply stares. And stares. And stares. Spike’s smirk begins to fall, until his face is slack, and he’s trying to keep from asking Xander what’s wrong.

Xander continues to glare. Spike opens his mouth. Closes it. Opens it again, wary, but Xander’s not even flinching. “Wha…” Spike starts to ask. Before he can finish the inquiry, Xander pounces. Spike is pressed back against the bed, his shirt ripped open, and Xander is straddling him, hotly mouthing his nipples. Spike groans out a chuckle, his head arching back into the soft white duvet. Xander’s mouth travels lower, outlining the deep ridges created by Spike’s pronounced abdominal muscles. His hot, wet tongue dips into Spike’s navel, and Spike cries out his husband’s name, his voice strangled and cracked. He’s panting, just from the feel of Xander’s mouth on his skin.

Xander’s not really thinking. He’s putting out of his mind the fact that he’s currently making love with a male vampire, and reminding himself that he’s making love with his husband. The touches come mostly naturally, though he’s thinking about what he wants to do next. He wants to touch all of Spike. He wants to look at Spike’s hard cock. He wants to taste every inch of his skin, to feel Spike tasting him, and he wants to see the look in Spike’s eyes when Xander brings him to orgasm. His hands slowly, very slowly, unbutton Spike’s black trousers. He gently begins to pull the zipper down, the teeth grinding against themselves in a quiet clicking sound. Spike is writhing on the bed as Xander continues to dip his tongue rhythmically into the vampire’s navel, as his hands finally open Spike’s erection to the world.

“No underwear?” Xander murmurs against Spike’s thigh as he pulls the trousers down.

“Fuck, Xan. Jesus, your mouth…so hot…love you…” Spike’s mumbling, panting harder as Xander’s hot breath brushes against the sparse hairs of his thighs, caressing his balls lightly, moistly. Xander’s hand reaches up, his finger gently stroking the bulbous head. Spike’s entire body shudders, his hips arcing into the air as all his muscles tense at once. It takes all of his self control not to come on the spot. Xander’s eyes flick up to his husband’s face, and he sees the twitches of facial muscles, the clenching of teeth, and the squeezing shut of eyes. Spike’s mouth is open in a silent scream, and he’s panting harshly, as though he’s just spent an hour underwater and is only now getting to breathe. Of course, that analogy mostly only works on living beings, Xander’s too busy to think of a better one. His head lowers, and his tongue snakes out, gently tickling the heavy weight of Spike’s balls, pondering over the slick, musky taste. Spike’s hands thrash out, grabbing hold of Xander’s shoulders as Xander’s tongue slowly, torturously, moves up, leaving a trail of shiney saliva behind it. Xander licks up, to the base of Spike’s purple cock, farther up, along the rigid, pulsing length, to that thick, round head. His tongue sweeps across the top as Spike’s every muscle trembles uncontrollably. The taste is slightly bitter, and completely Spike. Xnder decides he likes it, and wrapps his hot, wet lips around the tip, sucking, then moving his head down until the tip of Spike’s erection rests against the entrance to his throat. Spike’s head is thrashing, now, too, and he’s trying to tell Xander to slow down, that he wants to save it, but Xander sucks, and Spike’s brains shoot out with the milky white, cool semen that explodes from his cock.

Xander licks his lips, gathering the rest of the traces of Spike’s pleasure, looking rather pleased at Spike’s debauched, almost unconscious, heavy form on the bed. He grins abashedly, embarrassed, as Spike continues to blink.

Xander lies down besides Spike, ignoring his own arousal until he finds out how Spike liked his first try at fellatio. Spike’s still panting, and eventually his head lolls to the side, so that his eyes can struggle to focus on his husband.

“Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Where the bloody hell did you learn that?” Spike pants, astonished.

“I dunno. Just did what felt right,” Xander mumbles through a blush. Spike reaches a hand up as he turns completely on his side, so that he and Xander are facing each other. His hand gently brushes the hair from Xander’s eyes, and he smiles.

“It was bloody good,” Spike grins. “Wish it coulda lasted a little longer, though. Sexual frustration’s a bitch.”

“Sorry.” Xander’s gaze drops, and he looks as though he’s been scolded for being naughty. The thought of Xander being naughty and requiring punishment makes Spike’s cock stir again, and he grins wolfishly.

“No need to be sorry, pet. But you’re ready now, yeah?” Spike asks, forcing Xander’s eyes up to look into his own.

“Y-yeah,” Xander replies, still slightly nervous.

“Let me do all the work this time, okay, love?” Spike asks, shifting forward so that their bodies are touching. He kicks his pants the rest of the way off, his hand rubbing small circles on Xander’s suddenly heaving chest.

Xander simply nods as Spike’s tongue becomes very busy with the skin of his chest. Spike is talented, and Xander’s trembling almost as quickly as Spike had been, and all Spike has done is lick his chest. Spike reaches a hand down, and undoes the fly of Xander’s pants, pushing them down to reveal red silk boxer shorts. The silk slides against Xander’s skin, and the deep red hue reminds Spike of blood. It also brings out the healthy, ruddy glow of Xander’s flushed, sheened skin. Spike’s mouth travels lower, to lave at Xander’s navel, into the dip, and trace along the waistband of his underwear. Xander isn’t thinking much, only that the coolness of Spike’s tongue is causing his skin to shiver, and the feel of it tracing everywhere just right, with just enough pressure, is making him so hot he thinks he might melt.

Spike gently tugs at the boxers, bringing them over Xander’s obvious, leaking erection. His cock bounces back up to his belly as the elastic passes over it, causing a small bit of precum to pool on his skin. As Spike pulls the red boxers the rest of the way off, he licks up his love’s essence, moaning at the strong taste. Spike grasps the base of Xander’s cock and squeezes as he licks it from base to tip, causing Xander to cry out and moan at the same time, unable to come as Spike squeezes. Spike leers up at him, and reaches for the bedside table, where a small bottle of strawberry flavored lubricant is sitting. He squeezes a small amount onto his fingers and begins lightly tracing Xander’s tight hole. Xander gasps continuously as Spike’s fingers cause him to feel things he’d thought he would never feel.

Spike explores his entrance before finally slipping one finger in. Xander instinctively tenses up, and Spike responds by leaving his hand still, and kissing Xander’s thigh gently. Xander forces himself to relax, and Spike’s finger slips farther in. Suddenly, Spike shifts his finger slightly, and Xander is blind. He can see nothing but white, he can feel nothing but sparks, and time has stopped. He cries out at the amazing pleasure, and when Spike lets him relax, he looks at his husband in astonishment.

“Good, pet?” Spike asks knowingly.

“Why the fuck did you stop?” Xander gasps, and Spike laughs, adding a second finger. When he can easily move three fingers inside his writing husband, he coats his hard cock with more lube, and gently begins thrusting his way inside Xander’s body.

The sudden heat, tightness, and sounds coming from Xander beneath him almost break him. Xander gasps as Spike’s cool shaft presses into him, burning a little but in a very, very good way. Spike begins to pull out, slowly, and Xander scrabbles, wrapping his legs more tightly around Spike’s waist. Spike looks down into his husband’s face, fire burning passionately in both their eyes.

“Harder,” Xander grunts out when Spike shifts forward and rubs against the human’s prostate. Spike’s next thrust is more powerful, and Xander moans in satisfaction as it hits his insides just right, causing pleasure to burst behind his eyes again. Spike’s thrusts speed up some more, until he’s pistoning forcefully in and out of Xander’s clenching ass. Suddenly, Spike lurches forward and sinks his teeth into the meat of Xander’s shoulder and Xander screams when suddenly the floodgates burst, and he’s coming harder than he ever has in his life, even though Spike or he hasn’t touched his jerking cock. He feels Spike’s cool seed burst into him, coating his burning insides pleasantly, and then everything is dark. Spike collapses on his unconscious husband, falling asleep immediately.

In the morning, neither has moved. Xander’s legs are still wrapped around Spike’s waist, and Spike is still inside Xander, his face nuzzled into Xander’s neck, Xander’s pulse gently soothing.

Xander groans. Spike’s head jerks up, and suddenly he smiles lazily at his husband.

“How do you feel, pet?” Spike asks.

“Well, sweetheart,” Xander grunts, “I have something in my ass, and it’s been there all night. I have a dead body on top of me, and I’m covered in cum. Can I get up and shower?”

Spike laughs at Xander’s mock surliness. He can see the lightness in his husband’s eyes, and sees that they are both happy this morning.

“Can I come with you?”

Xander growls lecherously. “You better goddamned come with me,” he replies. Spike slips off him, and runs to the bathroom, Xander chasing after him, both laughing in the late morning.

The End

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