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Paper Anniversary

Robin the Crossover Junkie

Xander finished styling his hair and began to brush his teeth. Spike would be home soon, and he wanted everything to be perfect. It was their one year anniversary, and Xander wanted to spend a romantic evening together. Then he wanted to have lots and lots of sex.

It had been a long time since the two lovers had been able to find time to spend together alone, and he intended for this night to be filled with time for them. That’s why he had purchased the box of lovely toys that was currently residing under the bed. His cock twitched just thinking of all the things inside, and all the inventive uses he knew they would create for them. By the end of the night, he had every intention of having screamed his vocal chords to hell, and having Spike in the same predicament.

He collected the chocolate sauce and a spray can of whipped cream and put them on the nightstand. He put a bucket with a champagne bottle in it next to those, along with a bowl of fresh strawberries. Then he sprinkled the coverlet with rose petals. He lit candles all over the room, so that in the dark the room was filled with a soft glow. He imagined what Spike would look like, tied to the bedposts, his tight body covered with flickering candle light. He would be bound with the new blood-red satin handcuffs that were in the box under the bed, and Xander would also make good use of the other goodies in there while Spike was incapacitated. He groaned at the mental image that created as his cock strained against sweat pants he was wearing. He shucked them off, looking at the clock. Spike would be home within ten minutes. That would be perfect.

Xander laid down on the bed, naked, and arranged himself. He began to slowly stroke his cock, not trying to get himself off, only to keep the fire deep in the pit of his belly burning brightly. He suddenly sat up and reached under the bed for the box. He opened it and left it beside the bed, in plain view from the bedroom door. He pulled out the bottle of chocolate-flavored massage oil and gave himself a quick rubdown. His skin now glowed in the candlelight, and he knew that when Spike tasted him, he would taste like chocolate. He grinned evilly as he laid back down and began to lightly stroke his hard cock again. He couldn’t wait.

Spike had to keep himself from whistling a jaunty tune as he headed up the stairs to his and Xander’s apartment. Tonight was their anniversary, and he was going to get laid! He almost punched the air in excited victory before he realized he was the Big Bad, and not a big nancy boy. Then, he decided, he was the Big Bad, he could and would do whatever the fuck he felt like, and punched the air and whooped quietly as he reached their door. He hoped Xander would be excited about the surprise he had. He wrapped his duster a little more around his chest, hiding the evidence. He didn’t want Xander to see it just yet. He wanted to really shock the young human.

He stepped into the apartment, locking the door behind himself and engaging the chain so that if one of the scoobies decided to be a pillock and interrupt them in the morning, they wouldn’t get very far. Nobody was ruining this night.

It had been entirely too long since Spike had gotten laid. For two weeks now, both he and Xander had been busy. Work at the construction site had Xander working overtime, and when he came home, he was usually too tired to have sex. They’d been patrolling, but demon activity had been up, and they hadn’t had much time for a little slap and tickle in any conveniently positioned alleys. When they arrived home, Xander went straight to sleep, needing to rest for another long day at work. Spike was bloody horny.

He entered the apartment, and breathed in deeply. The entire place smelled like candles, chocolate, and Horny Xander (TM). A leering grin covered his face as he moved toward the bedroom. Xander was lying there, eyes closed, body shining delightfully in the candlelight in the room as he stroked his cock. An involuntary groan escaped Spike’s throat at the sight, and Xander opened his eyes. His pupils were almost black with desire, causing Spike’s to glint golden in return.

“Fuck,” Spike croaked, staring at Xander’s gorgeous body.

“If you get your ass over here,” Xander countered, quirking an eyebrow in the sexy gesture he had seen Spike use so often. Spike groaned again and tore off his duster, walking toward the bed. He bent down and latched onto Xander’s mouth as he tore his shirt apart and began sliding his jeans down his hips. Soon he was as naked as Xander, except for the two silver nipple rings he had gotten done that day, and the simple silver chain attaching them to one another. He took his tongue out of Xander’s throat long enough to speak quickly.

“You’ve been a busy boy. Phone unplugged?” As he waited for an answer, Spike nibbled his way down Xander’s collarbone. “Chocolate. Oh, God, you really do love me,” Spike muttered as he licked his way across Xander’s skin.

Xander groaned. “Phone’s off the hook. Chain the door?”


“Fuck,” Xander said, eyes rolled back in his head as Spike bit gently on one of his nipples. Spike’s sure fingers were pinching the other, and Xander was in heaven. He reached up to repay the favor on Spike’s nipples, and let out a squeak of surprise when he encountered cold metal. He looked down, and as his eyes focused, he saw the new piercings and the chain. An evil glint came into his eyes.

“Surprise,” Spike murmured around Xander’s nipple.

Xander gasped. “Got a…surprise for you too.” He waved in the general direction of the box beside the bed. Spike glanced down, then went back to his task before he realized what he had just seen. Then he was off of Xander in a flash, perusing through the box. Xander let out a disappointed whine. “Hey! Boyfriend needing sexual gratification over here!” He cried.

“Pet, you got a box of real goodies over here. What shall we play with first?” Spike asked, holding up a vibrator and a butt plug. Xander stood. Time to put his little fantasy into play.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered, his voice stern. Spike looked at him, surprised. Xander had been practicing the voice while driving to and from work, making sure he had the proper pitch and authority. His voice was a low rumble, and brooked no argument. Spike lifted his scarred eyebrow, and Xander wanted to lick it. However, he simply glared sternly at the vampire, who shrugged and got onto the bed. “Lay on your back,” Xander instructed in the same tone of voice. A slight smile graced Spike’s face as he complied. Xander bent over to look at the box, give Spike a lovely view of his ass. Spike licked his lips, and watched as Xander turned back around, holding several objects. Two pairs of the satin handcuffs were in one hand, while a blindfold and a butt plug were in the other. He grinned evilly.

Spike smiled fully now. Xander wanted to play! Without being told, he happily gripped the bedposts at the head of the bed, waiting for Xander to place the cuffs on his wrists. It had been far too long since Spike had played this game, and never had he played it with Xander. Spike’s cock jumped as the image of Xander cuffed to the bed in his stead flashed into his mind. They’d have to switch around later. Definitely.

Xander fastened the cuffs on the vampire’s wrists tightly, then wrapped the blindfold around Spike’s head, blinding him. Spike was slightly disappointed at the fact that he wouldn’t be able to see Xander’s beautiful face and body throughout this game, but he was willing to play along. He could still smell and feel how hot the man was, and he knew Xander would be creative with him blindfolded.

Spike heard the sounds of a tube of lube being opened, and the scent of peppermint wafted up to his nostrils. Mixed with the scent of chocolate coming from Xander, it created a heady, mouth-watering aroma that had Spike’s mouth drooling and his cock straining for contact. He felt hot, slick fingers at his entrance, and spread his legs wider to allow more touches. Two fingers were suddenly inside him, and the peppermint lube, heated by Xander’s body temperature, began to tingle slightly. Spike shivered in anticipation as the fingers thrust in and out of him. Then they were gone, and before he could whimper, he felt something hard and slick being pressed inside him, stretching him. Spike knew it was either a dildo or a vibrator, but he wasn’t sure yet, Xander pressed it right against his prostate gland, and put a little more pressure on it so it was bearing down against the nub, causing a continuous zing of pleasure to zip through his body. Then Xander flipped the switch, and it began to vibrate against him. Spike let out a howl and thrust back against it roughly, straining against the cuffs to bring him closer to the sweet ecstasy.

Suddenly Xander’s mouth was on his, and Spike kissed him desperately, their tongues dueling passionately. Spike was panting, straining, his whole body screaming with pure bliss. Xander broke the kiss, panting as well, and moved down Spike’s body. His mouth enveloped the dripping head of Spike’s aching cock, tearing a lusty growl from deep in Spike’s chest. The vibrator constantly pushed against his prostate, and just when Spike thought it couldn’t get any better, Xander’s hand sneaked up his abdomen, between his pectoral muscles, and tugged on the chain, wrenching delightfully on both of his pierced nipples. Spike let out an unearthly howl and arched his hips into the air powerfully, shooting powerfully into Xander’s hot, wet mouth. Xander swallowed every drop of Spike’s pleasure, not letting go of the chain or the vibrator, and Spike promptly passed out.

Xander smirked. Spike was lying boneless, unconscious and sated. His own cock was straining and sore, but he knew he could wait. He wanted to play with Spike some more. He took the vibrator out gently, switching it off as Spike’s body twitched slightly in aftershocks of his powerful orgasm. He lubed up a larger butt plug and slipped it into the recently vacated orifice, grinning at the ease with which it slipped in. Spike was truly relaxed. Xander looked forward to making it tense again.

He leaned down and began to run a flat, wet tongue up Spike’s cock. Spike may be sleeping for a while, but it didn’t take long for his cock to wake up again. Vampire stamina was the most beautiful thing in the world. Barring Spike’s smile. Xander snorted softly at his own sentimentality, and continued to suck Spike’s hardening shaft like a lollipop. When it was suitably hard, he reached down into the box of treasures and pulled out another toy. He fastened the cock ring around the base of Spike’s cock. It was a leather one that covered the whole of Spike’s erection snugly, but loose enough so that when Spike’s dick was fully hard, it would be tight and constricting. Just the way Xander wanted it.

Xander reached up and pulled off the silk blindfold, looking at Spike’s sleeping face. It was truly a crime that Spike could still look entirely innocent while tied to Xander’s bed posts, wearing a cock ring, nipple piercings, and a butt plug up his ass, just by having his eyes closed. Xander snickered, and decided to amuse himself until Spike woke up. He took a strawberry from the bowl and poured chocolate sauce on it, then dipped it in the whipped cream. He popped the treated fruit into his mouth and chewed slowly, letting the flavor seep into his being. He took the chocolate syrup and used it to write a large “X” on Spike’s chiseled belly, then began to lick it off with slow, short laps of his tongue. Spike began to stir, so Xander finished and poured syrup into Spike’s navel, creating a pool there. He began to lap it up, keeping his eyes on Spike’s so that when the vampire really woke, the first thing he would see was Xander’s own eyes.

Xander was not disappointed. Spike’s eyes drifted open, and he stared directly into dark brown orbs. He started to laugh appreciatively. “You’re amazing. Bloody hell, I don’t know the last time I came that hard,” Spike groaned. Xander finished cleaning the chocolate from Spike’s navel and moved up his body, trailing kisses on his way. He reached Spike’s mouth and they shared a slow, passionate kiss. When Xander began to pull away, Spike whimpered his distaste with that idea, so Xander stayed a little longer. He broke away only when air began to become an issue, and straddled Spike’s waist, smiling down at his lover.

“I wanted to make you feel good,” Xander sighed, trailing his hands along Spike’s chest, tugging on the chain every now and then, but mostly just caressing the smooth, pale skin.

“And you did a fucking good job of it, too, luv. I bloody passed out,” Spike replied, arching his back into the touch. His cock was begging for attention, and Spike finally realized why it felt funny. He was wearing a leather cock sheath on his erection. He barked out a laugh again. “Cock sheaths, too? What all did you buy?”

“Lots of goodies,” Xander replied, leaning down for another kiss. He brushed his lips against Spike’s chastely again and again, ignoring Spike’s whimpering for more. His fingers grasped the silver chain again, and he tugged gently. “I like this,” Xander admitted, tugging again for good measure.

Spike moaned, then let out a gasp. “M’glad,” he said. “Got it done earlier tonight. Healed right quick.”

“Good. Then I get to play,” Xander smirked.

“Don’t I get to play?” Spike leered, grinning.

“Not yet,” Xander stated matter-of-factly. He looked down at Spike’s encased shaft, and frowned. “I think I’ve changed my mind about that. Sexy as it looks, it isn’t very practical.”

“You could take it off, and suck me off,” Spike suggested, knowing that wasn’t what was going to happen.

“Or,” Xander said, reaching down for the box and pulling out a simple leather strap, “I could switch it for this one. That way I can ride you, and keep riding you for as long as I want.”

“I like that idea. A lot. Do that,” Spike said quickly, bobbing his head in an affirmative gesture.

“I thought you might,” Xander said. He shimmied down Spike’s body and put the leather strap around Spike’s cock and balls, fastening it tightly, before releasing the sheath. Spike groaned at the administrations his dick was receiving. Xander sat up and admired his work. He nodded once to himself, then looked around. He picked up the peppermint lube and put some on a finger, then worked it into himself. His eyes dilated at the feel of it, but he only put some lube in himself, and didn’t bother to stretch himself. He’d let Spike do that. He took more lube and shivered as the portion in his ass began to tingle deliciously. He coated Spike’s straining dick in the slick substance, then looked directly into Spike’s lust-filled blue eyes. “I’m going to need you to stretch me out a little, Sweetheart,” he said sweetly. Spike simply stared at him, waiting to see what Xander had in mind. Xander winked at him, then moved to straddle Spike’s face, then laying down on top of him so that Xander had his face just above Spike’s aching arousal. Spike eagerly lifted his head and began to lick at the little puckered opening directly above his face. He pressed his tongue inside and began to fuck the young man with his tongue. Xander let out a loud groan and began to writhe under Spike’s talents.

He took the head of Spike’s dick into his mouth and suckled gently, causing the vampire to moan. The vibrations traveled through his mouth directly into Xander’s ass, and Xander gasped at the pleasure.

“Good enough,” he said, almost to himself, before pivoting around and straddling Spike’s hips. He lifted himself, then lowered himself, guiding Spike’s stiff member. Both men groaned in unison as Spike’s cock filled Xander completely. When he was fully inside, Xander let out a breath and began to rock slowly, letting the sensation wash over him.

Feeling Spike inside him was something Xander still hadn’t gotten used to. It was amazing how perfect everything felt when his lover was deep within his body, and Xander was panting roughly. He’d spent so much time this night being hard, he knew he wasn’t going to last long, so he began to pump his hips in earnest, slamming his body down onto the vampire’s. Xander let out a pleasure-filled cry with each thrust, feeling Spike’s large cock colliding with his prostate with each movement. He couldn’t touch his own cock, though in order to keep his balance, so he hoped that their lovemaking would last longer.

“That’s it, Xan. Ride me. Feel my hard cock in you. You’re so bloody tight, Xan. Every time I fuck you, you’re still so tight. It’s like a burning vise around me. Can’t feel anything but you, luv,” Spike rumbled deep in his throat. His words were driving Xander insane, and the tone of voice he used threatened to throw the human over the edge. “Wanna fuck you forever. Ride me hard, Xan. Fuck yourself on me. That’s it. I like it rough, pet, fuck me like you want to. Can’t wait till you uncuff me, so I can fuck you hard. Gonna fuck you till the sun rises, Xan. Gonna fuck you forever. Come for me, luv. Come all over me. Wanna see you come, pet. Come, now.”

Xander couldn’t hold it in any longer. He reached down behind him and quickly unlatched the cock ring, allowing Spike to come. Spike roared and thrust his hips up a few times, feeling the bliss rush over him again, as he emptied himself out into Xander’s grasping channel. Xander let go, finally, and let out a scream of pure, animalistic pleasure as his cock finally exploded, streaming his seed across Spike’s glistening skin. Spurts of it jetted out across the vampire’s chest, some of it hitting his chin as Xander continued to scream and pound himself down, finally collapsing with exhaustion over his lover’s chest, panting and gasping for air.

After several minutes, Spike finally blinked his eyes open groggily.

“Fuck,” he said succinctly.

“Did that,” Xander panted, blearily blinking down at his lover. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the key to the handcuffs. He unlocked them and Spike pulled his arms down, wrapping them around Xander snugly. Xander reached over again and pulled a strawberry from the bowl, feeding it into Spike’s mouth happily. Spike chewed, then accepted the kiss Xander offered. They shared the flavor of the strawberry in their mouths, letting out sighs of contentment. Xander sighed. “I love you, Spike.”

“Love you too, Xander,” Spike said, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Still lots of toys left,” Xander murmured through a yawn.

“Take a nap. We got all weekend. We’ll play more when we wake up,” Spike replied, nuzzling his chin against the top of Xander’s head. The two men fell asleep in one another’s arms.


Spike was the first to awaken, and he grinned. He could still feel the butt plug buried deeply inside him, and decided to leave it there. He glanced over to the nightstand and saw the champagne bottle chilling in the silver bucket, and the two flutes next to it. He gently extricated himself from his lover, with a panged sigh at the loss of heat and contact, and poured two glasses of the bubbly liquid. He then took one in his hand and took a strawberry and dipped it in the whipped cream. He thought for a moment, then set the flute down and poured chocolate sauce on the fruit as well, then picked up the flute once more. He used his pinky to poke Xander, who groaned.

“Wake up, Harris,” Spike smirked. Xander’s eyes opened, and he saw the delicious treat in front of him, lifting his mouth to have a taste. Spike allowed the kiss, then broke away. He ignored Xander’s whine and held the fruit up to his lips. Xander took the entire thing in his mouth and began to chew. Spike watched, lust boiling in his belly when Xander swallowed it down. He lifted the champagne glass to the human’s lips, but Xander refused to drink. “Just drink it, git,” Spike finally sighed.

Xander shook his head. “We gotta make a toast, and drink together,” he argued. Spike rolled his eyes and handed Xander the glass. Xander sat up, and when Spike reached over for his own glass, pinched his butt. Spike glared at Xander, who just snickered. Both men held up their glasses.

“To bloody great shags,” Spike said. Xander laughed. “And your tight little ass.” Xander laughed harder, but moved his glass away when Spike tried to clink them together.

“How about, to another year of love and happiness?” Xander sighed when he finished laughing.

“Well, sure, if you wanna get all poofy and sentimental about it,” Spike replied, rolling his eyes. Xander’s eyes turned serious.

“I do. When it’s you, I can’t help it.” Spike could have kicked himself for melting when Xander said stuff like that, but he couldn’t help it. Instead, he leaned forward and kissed Xander gently on the lips.

“To you and me, how ‘bout?” Spike said when they drifted apart.

“I like it. To me and you.” They clinked glasses, and Xander took a sip. Spike downed his all in one swallow, then reached for another strawberry. He doctored this one the same as the other, but popped it into his own mouth. Xander chuckled, finished off his drink, and reached for a strawberry for himself. Spike batted his hand away, prepared another, and fed it to Xander. They chewed together, and swallowed, before coming in for another kiss.

The kiss began softly, as a melding of mouths, but eventually grew into the passionate declaration of love that most of their kisses became.

Spike sighed as he broke away, leering at his lover. “So, I got this neat little thing up my bum,” he started. Xander burst out laughing.

“I almost forgot! Did you want me to take it out?”

“Gonna replace it?” Spike asked hopefully as Xander pushed him onto his back, lying down on top of him and dipping his head for a deep kiss. Their tongues fought for dominance as Xander shifted position so that Spike’s legs were wrapped around his hips, and he was balancing on his elbows and knees. He reached one hand over to the side, grasping a tube of lubricant. He broke the kiss and bit off the cap, smiling as the spicy scent of cinnamon invaded his nostrils, mixing deliciously with the aromas of chocolate, sex, and peppermint already in the room. He dipped to kiss his lover some more, spreading the slick substance on his hard cock, then reached further down and gently tugged the plug from Spike’s body. Spike let out a loud groan as it slid out, only to be immediately replaced by Xander’s hot erection. Spike groaned again as Xander filled him completely in one thrust, his voice matched by Xander’s own groan of satisfaction.

He was deeply seated within his lover, and began to slowly thrust in and out, brushing Spike’s prostate with each subtle movement. Spike moaned when Xander bent his head down and began to nibble at his Adam’s apple, and Xander groaned when Spike reached up to roll one of the man’s erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. One of Xander’s hands snaked between them, to lavish the same attention on Spike’s own nipple, playing with the silver ring there.

Xander continued thrusting at a steady rhythm. Their coupling this time was soft, gentle, and loving. Xander moved his mouth back to Spike’s and they kissed hotly through the movements, their hips moving in unison like a finely tuned instrument. With Xander’s forward thrusts, Spike’s hips would push up, causing Xander’s cock to embed itself even deeper within his body.

Neither could tell where one of them ended and the other began. They were one being, moving together in a sensual dance, moaning at the delicious feel of their two bodies being locked into one rolling, thundering mass of bliss. Their hips rocked together, creating a constant sensation of pleasure that both men could live in forever. The feel of Xander so hot within him was getting to be too wonderful for Spike, though, so he reached a hand between them and began to stroke his leaking cock, moaning into Xander’s mouth at the feel.

The lust in that solitary sound traveled from Xander’s ears directly to his cock, and his thrusts began to increase in pace. Spike’s hips matched the new movements, until the two men were slamming against each other, Xander’s cock almost popping out before being rammed back in, all the way, again and again. Spike’s walls were so tight around him, it was like a vise grip sending electric sparks through his body, blocking out everything but the feeling of the man under him.

Xander grunted softly with each deep, desperate thrust, pounding into his lover with everything in him. Spike moaned to match him, his fist flying up and down his cock in a fury of fluid motion. Suddenly, Xander darted his mouth down to Spike’s throat and bit. The bite wasn’t even hard enough to draw blood, but Spike howled, screaming his pleasure as his cock finally exploded, white semen coating their torsos. As Spike’s orgasm crashed over him, his inner muscles rippled powerfully around Xander’s driving cock, and Xander let out a scream of his own, plunging in harder as his own climax blinded him, everything centering in his cock, spilling out and directly into Spike. He collapsed on top of his lover, both of them panting harshly.

When Xander finally caught his breath, he groaned happily and struggled to lift himself up and off his vampire’s body. Spike’s arms tightened around him, keeping him there. Xander didn’t fight it, and simply kissed Spike’s chest before allowing himself to fall asleep. Spike kissed the top of his head and followed into slumber.

The End

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